10 Hex Tile Ideas for Kitchen Splashes, Flooring and More

He is always looking for ways to liven up the kitchen by bringing something new and fashionable. Even though some trends tend to fade fairly quickly and may not be worth all the effort and time, others tend to stand the test of time and serve you well for years, even decades sometimes! The geographical trend definitely seems to be heading towards the latter, as it continues to hold itself in the world of decoration. Both homeowners and interior designers are looking for completely new ways in which they can add geo style to the modern home. The hexagonal tile in the kitchen is certainly a great starting point!

 Space-hungry kitchen with a beautiful, dark hexagonal tile splash plate 

Hex tiles obviously come in a wide range of shades and can also be used to usher in a pattern without breaking the color scheme of your contemporary kitchen. Whether you want to do this by turning to a lovely tile splash protector or you want to do it using floor tiles, adding the six-sided polygon silhouette definitely has a big impact. Today, we review 10 fabulous and functional kitchens that make them work.

Trend of wood and tiles

Wood has made a huge comeback in modern homes and the love of all things natural is the driving force behind this renaissance. Combining the hardwood flooring in the open-plan living room with hexagonal tiles is a great way to bring pattern, texture, and lots of visual contrast. The best part about this is that it marks the beginning of all of this without ever altering the neutral color scheme of the space. The hexagonal floor also offers a unique way to outline space in open-plan living without using half-walls or even false ceilings. Contemporary and classy all the way!

 Transitional kitchen with wood floor and tiles [Design: SuzAnn Kletzien Design] An ingenious idea combining hexagonal tiles and wood [From: Matiz Architecture & Design] Tiles are used to separate space visually in this elegant London home [From: Bethell Projects Ltd]  

Beautiful Geo splash plate

Redoing the kitchen floor and adding hexagonal tiles can be a pretty big compromise and requires a lot of time and effort. Then there are the obvious cost issues to consider. Those looking for an alternative but equally impressive option can try the geo splash protector with hexagonal mosaics. This is a place where you can get away from neutral colors and you can opt for tiles that are much brighter and more attractive. From hexagonal mosaics in deep orange to those in glossy black; Creative compositions here can give your kitchen a dazzling focal point.

 Kitchen backsplash with hexagonal tiles adds contrast without altering the color  scheme Polished, monochromatic kitchen with geo style [From: Trevor Brown Architect]  Kitchen backsplash also brings 3D charm to the kitchen

Pattern that melts

Hex tiles don’t always have to be simple and straightforward. Hexagonal mosaic tiles can be a little hard to find and also a bit more expensive than their regular counterparts, but they’re well worth the extra money you spend. It is best to choose tiles that are monochromatic and do not go beyond white and shades of gray. Since there are already many patterns, color can disturb the modern appeal of your kitchen and can also give it a confusing look. These patterned hexagonal tiles are perfect for modern, eclectic, shabby chic and industrial kitchens.

 Spacious and light-filled modern kitchen with hexagonal tiles Monochromatic and hexagonal flooring with motif for the industrial kitchen [Design: D Studio ]  Contemporary kitchen with hexagonal  tiles and a concrete island

Are hexagonal tiles out of fashion?

Is hexagonal mosaic fashionable? Hexagonal mosaic is definitely all the rage right now, but retailers are now getting a huge selection and variety of mosaics in stock. This means that hexagonal tiles will remain stylish and popular for years to come. And since hexagons are a natural shape, they will always be fashionable.

Are hexagonal tiles difficult to install?

Hexagon Tiles Con (The tricky part)

The big disadvantage of hexagonal tiles is the fact that they are quite difficult to install, so they are not the best choice for inexperienced DIY aficionados. It’s still doable, of course, but make sure you have enough time, patience, and attention to detail.

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By Catharine Bwana