45 ecological reclaimed wood projects

When it comes to easy DIY projects, few match the warmth and ease of those involving reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood DIY ideas are all about combining your craft skills with a love of all things natural and green. Yes, there is the added advantage of helping nature by reducing dependence on fresh wood for interior decoration. Beyond that, it gives your home an addition that feels organic and gives you something unique in terms of a smart focal point. This is a collection of the 45 best and most respectful with the planet to make crafts from reclaimed wood.

 Smart DIY Wood Pallet Coffee Table 

Finding the right DIY decorative pieces

We start with a look at the best DIY reclaimed wood projects that add style and aesthetic charm to your home with ease. It is not very difficult to bring beauty to the contemporary interior using reclaimed wood and the easiest starting point is the accent wall wrapped in it. It is also, without a doubt, the most striking of all the decorative DIY in wood. It’s hard to miss this multicolored beauty. In addition to using reclaimed wood, you can also be eco-friendly by using wood scraps to create beautiful decorative pieces.

 Brilliant DIY idea of reclaimed wood accent wall

Effortlessly combining wood, concrete and stone, these modern DIY photo holders are a visual statement. Here, reclaimed wood can even play a secondary role with respect to the other material you choose and these photo holders also add a geometric style discreetly. An easy DIY that takes little time to do.

 Stylish and modern DIY photo holders

There are times when all those modern pendants and chandeliers become too much and you want something much more rustic. This reclaimed wooden candle lantern fulfills this wish of yours and does it in an elegant and easy way. All you need here is reclaimed wood, some candles and other decorative materials to get the job done.

 Find inspiration in this reclaimed wooden candle lantern idea

Much more striking and unique is the large wooden clock made with reclaimed wood. Again, you can easily make one of these and give it a touch of its own at the end. We also love the idea of replacing the usual numbers with Roman numerals for a more classic farm environment.

 Large DIY wooden wall clock with vintage charm

It is the fireplace and the walls surrounding it here that embrace the wood reclaimed here. This is an idea for those who really love the presence of wood in their living room and adding a feature like this gives the room an instant focal point. You can see how the woody fireplace contrasts with the more vibrant and contemporary room that surrounds it.

 Smart DIY Reclaimed Wood Fireplace

When it comes to cool artwork, the two inspirations below are absolutely top-notch. While one adds abstract beauty to the room with a random combination of reclaimed wood pieces, the other expresses JOY in a truly captivating way. Whether in the festive season or not, these artistic DIY reclaimed wood spread joy throughout the year.

 Awesome Reclaimed Wood Wall Art Idea Awesome DIY Christmas Sign with Reclaimed  Wood

The barn wood house number sign is arguably the easiest and most effortless creation among all on the current list. It feels very organic and adding it to the front garden or even the façade of the house elevates the space almost instantly. A mandatory test that requires very little time and resources.

 DIY barn wooden house number sign

Adding a rustic touch to the modern home is the reclaimed DIY wooden mirror with octagon frame; A project that brings textural and geometric contrast to the modern interior. A mirror, reclaimed wood, and those old tools in the garage are enough to make one of these during a quiet weekend.

 Lovely DIY reclaimed wood mirror with octagon frame

Bedroom DIY Reclaimed wood ideas

Adding some of these amazing DIY recycled wood creations to the modern bedroom completely alters its appeal and makes it much more homey. Some of these are even more suitable for the master bedroom, where the line between the bathroom and the bedroom is very blurred. The towel rack made of wood is one of those fabulous ideas, while the rustic barn wood bed is a much more elegant and apparent addition that steals the spotlight.

 Reclaimed  wooden ladder towel rack idea Rustic single bed of barn wood with headboard with chevron pattern

Are you looking for a place to hang your jewelry in style? The barn wood jewelry box is created in a short time and its rustic-chic appeal is absolutely undeniable. This space-saver can be hung virtually anywhere and, with its neutral color, fits all bedrooms with ease.

 Simple and elegant barn wood jewelry box idea

A reclaimed wood DIY idea that will alter your bedroom forever is the custom-made headboard with a pattern of its own. It is elegant, eye-catching and, once again, the warmth of the wood takes over the entire room. Complement it with another decoration that has aged finishes and you will have a more careful and cozy bedroom.

 A unique version of the DIY wood headboard made of reclaimed wood

Are you looking for an artistic addition to the bedroom that’s a little quirky but perfect for the creepy Halloween season? Check out the reclaimed wooden pallet art piece below for great inspiration. You just can’t miss this one no matter where it is!

 Use reclaimed wood to create stunning pallet artwork at home!

Do you love spending hours in the bathtub? Are you looking for a place to leave your favorite book or that glass of wine while taking a refreshing bath after a long, hard day? Don’t worry, as a simple wooden table for the bathtub can do all that and without costing you a penny! This is an idea that we intend to test as soon as possible.

 Custom DIY wooden table for the bathtub.

From the bathtub, we move on to bed again and again we have a headboard made of reclaimed wood that makes a bold visual statement here. This one feels stylish like a cottage and also fits well with an eclectic appeal. Keeping the rest of the room neutral gives it a more prominent place in the light-filled bedroom.

 DIY headboard made to measure with reclaimed wood

From the more aesthetic additions, we move on to DIY reclaimed wood projects that add more space and improve storage options in the bedroom. Transforming an old shelf into a beautiful bedside table is one of those smart ideas. Another is based on adding additional storage to the bedroom using the space under the bed. Here, a series of wooden boxes designed perfectly to fit the dimensions of the place under the bed do the job.

 DIY Reclaimed Wood Bedside Table Design DIY  DIY wooden boxes made with reclaimed wood add storage space to the bed

Easy DIY projects from reclaimed wood

DIY bedroom definitely demands a higher level of craftsmanship and creating a reclaimed wood headboard is surely not a project for everyone. That’s why we’ve also put together some simple and easy DIY ideas that our budding DIY savvy readers can delve into and enjoy. And few among these are as easy as the serving tray made from reclaimed oak you see below.

 Beautiful serving tray made of recovered oak.

This is our favorite among all easy reclaimed wood DIY, as it offers more in terms of functionality and requires relatively little effort. Industrial style shelves in wood and metal are currently a hot trend and you can get into this with this step-by-step tutorial that also helps you make one.

 Industrial-style shelves made of reclaimed barn wood

These oversized DIY wooden dice are too fun to miss! They are so striking and at the same time elegant that you will have all your guests wondering how to create their own wooden dice and a simple and elegant wooden entrance table with metal base complements them perfectly. Two DIYs that make a good first impression!

 Oversized DIY wood dice are an excellent decorative  piece DIY small bench perfect for entry made of reclaimed wood

Looking for ways to add some green to your home? Then the reclaimed wood planter does this in more ways than one. For starters, use old wood, while you can also enhance the atmosphere of your home with a beautiful houseplant. Of course, you can also take it outdoors, depending on your specific needs,

 Reclaimed wood planter that you can easily create at home

Natural wood candle holders have a charisma that makes them perfect for dream evenings and Christmas dinners. This is just what you get with these DIY wooden chandeliers that can be made even with a simple and strong branch of a tree.

 The wooden candle holder takes very little time to manufacture

Two other brilliant crafts for Christmas (or even regular) tables are the centerpiece of the wooden box that looks stylish and cozy at the same time and the DIY coasters with fall themes. With DIY coasters, you can modify the motifs to give them the theme you want.

 Elegant DIY  wooden box centerpiece Exquisite wooden coasters with DIY autumn theme

Organizational ease with the warmth of wood

By combining the storage space and desk with the beauty of reclaimed wood, the DIY project of the pallet desk is well worth the time and effort that goes into it. This looks a lot like a store-bought addition when done right and you can use this DIY guide to create more boards than one for different tasks.

 Easy DIY Pallet Desktop Idea

Finding an old chicken coop wire frame isn’t that difficult and adding reclaimed wood to it gives you the ideal cottage-style message board with ample space to showcase everything you need. Find a few clips and hang everything from the shopping list and photos to the latest artwork your kids have evoked!

 Farm-style DIY message board idea

A larger reclaimed wood shelf like the one shown below is time-consuming and the larger the shelf, the more effort is required. This is a type of modular design and you can use the same DIY guide to create multiple shelf options. The DIY tutorial plan for the mail sorter is much simpler, of course, and both of these ideas will make your home much more organized.

 Functional and elegant DIY wooden boxes.  Gorgeous and simple DIY wood mail sorter made from reclaimed wood

The kitchen pallet shelf is a favorite for those who want to add a little extra space on kitchen shelves without squandering a fortune. This looks as good in the modern kitchen as it does in the traditional or rustic home. Everything from our spices to jars of pickles can get here with ease!

 Make your own stunning, functional kitchen pallet shelf

Moving from the kitchen to the living room, the reclaimed wood shelf that explains the home is definitely the most demanding of all the DIY ideas on display today. It’s exquisite when everything is ready and you have a shelf that feels innovative and exclusive. But the living room TV unit made of reclaimed wood is much simpler to make, and once again, you can innovate and add personal touches to make a unit that exactly meets your needs.

 The beautiful and innovative shelf explains the home and is made of reclaimed wood.  Create the perfect TV cabinet for the living room with ample storage space

Your reclaimed wood shelves don’t always have to be boring and boring. Add a little color to the whole piece like the idea below, while DIY wooden boxes can house everything from houseplants to anything on your office desk. A simple change to their DIY guide should make them much more adaptable and perfect for multitasking.

 DIY Reclaimed Wood Shelves with a Splash of Color  DIY Wood Boxes Handmade with Reclaimed Wood

Finding the Right Reclaimed Wood DIY

A reclaimed wood DIY that works for you is all about combining what you need with the DIY skills you have and the right overall visual appeal. If you’re thinking of replacing your modern coffee table with something much more woody, then the wonderful forest has an excellent guide on how to make one at home. And if you need a full table, check out this idea from Re-Stored Design to get the job done for a weekend or two.

 The rustic coffee popsicle table Fab DIY is sensational in every way of the way  Country house style table made of reclaimed wood

Speaking of wooden tables and a natural environment, few come close to the uniqueness provided by tables with natural edges. The live-edge table with a metal base finds space in any room and combining it with the repurposed wooden coffee cup rack allows you to create a charming and cost-effective coffee/tea station.

 Live edge bar table that can be easily made at home  Handmade reused coffee cup rack with wooden pallets

Wall-mounted storage always helps save space and turning old wooden drawers into smart shelves is a good idea. You can even make a thin bottle rack for your limited collection with reclaimed wood and this gives it a classic and traditional appeal. When it comes to kitchen shelves, wood never fails to impress; even if he recovers.

 Repurposed wooden drawers converted into cool wall-mounted  shelves Smart DIY bottle rack made from reclaimed wood

The multi-tiered flower pot you see below looks just as good when made from reclaimed wood as it does when using cedar or oak from the store. The DIY guide simplifies things and you can scale up or down the project depending on the type of pot you need.

 Create your own flower pot in cedar levels

Another super easy DIY, the serving tray made with reclaimed wood can be a project you can also involve your kids in. Instead of a single tray, cut different shapes and sizes of wood to make a variety of these natural-looking trays; A perfect little gift for friends and family.

 Create your own wooden tray for easy serving.

Beyond the Picket Fence gives you this DIY pallet bank, an easy and practical DIY that can be modified to create different types of palette decoration. With rustic visual appeal and a bit of color too, this can be placed anywhere; from the entrance to the courtyard.

 Elegant and rustic DIY pallet bench tutorial

What can I do with old barn wood?

What can I do with old barn wood?

  1. Build a beautiful old wooden bottle rack.
  2. Barn wood mantles add charm.
  3. Antique wood can be transformed into eye-catching wall art.
  4. Use reclaimed wood to build planters.
  5. Create stunning tables from antique barn wood.
  6. Turn reclaimed wood into custom flooring.

Is reclaimed barn wood expensive?

Reclaimed wood is much more expensive than buying new wood at a hardware store. Instead of paying a low price that makes it easy to pick up a 2×4 pair, reclaimed wood comes at a premium price. But for that cousin, you’ll have wood with a different history and unique characteristics of virgin wood.

What are the timber projects that make money?

13 Handmade Woodworking Projects Selling

  • Wooden signs. Handmade wooden signs come in all shapes and sizes, and people use them in many different ways, indoors and outdoors.
  • Wooden pallets.
  • Wooden kitchen products.
  • Furniture.
  • surfboards
  • Boxes.
  • Photo frames
  • Blocks for children.

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