5 reforms in the garden to enjoy it all year round

Having a house with a garden is the dream of many people. Having this land outdoors has many advantages, especially in the hottest months.

But the problem that sometimes arises is that we design the garden to take advantage of it in summer, but we do not give it the use it should during the rest of the seasons.

To be able to take advantage of the garden throughout the year I have gathered 5 different reforms. With them you will maximize the use, regardless of the month in which you are.

Pergola installation

A pergola is the best reform idea you can have for the garden of your home. If you want to see all the possibilities of this element, I recommend that you take a look at the custom aluminum pergolas in Alsol-Spain.

It is an excellent choice because it provides you with benefits throughout the year. In the summer months it will protect you from the sun, while in spring and autumn you will protect yourself from the rain.

But you also have the option to choose the retractable canvas pergolas. These models have the advantage that they can be retracted, so that they are completely open.

They will be perfect to make the most of the sun’s rays, but with the possibility of blocking light or rain when desired.

Pergola for the garden

Laying concrete tiles

In certain parts of the garden it will be interesting to change the lawn for concrete tiles. The great advantage of this change is in the rainy months, since the grass becomes slippery and can get muddy.

Making this reform has another added advantage, and that is that you reduce the time you spend on its maintenance. You can forget about cutting the grass in that area and it will be easier to remove dirt from the ground.

In the summer months you will not see a great use, but when the cold and the rains arrive you will see how it is a reform that you will take advantage of.

Concrete floor for the garden

Put a built-in barbecue

Changing the portable barbecue for a construction one will be an interesting change if you like meetings with friends. These barbecues are made with stone and brick, and thanks to their structure they can be used even on rainy days.

Having a built-in barbecue alone will not make you use it in autumn or winter, but if you also place a pergola to shelter from the rain you can organize parties without having to be aware of the weather forecast.

This is a type of reform that is not usually valued much, since portable barbecues are very economical, but once you have taken the step you will see how you do not regret it.

Built-in barbecue

Build a swimming pool

The reform ideas we’ve seen so far were focused on the cold and rainy months, but extreme heat can also work against you.

Summers are getting hotter every year, and there are days when temperatures are so high that it is impossible to stay outdoors.

For these extreme days it is best to have a pool. Not only will it allow you to enjoy your garden in summer, but it will also help you fight the heat inside the house.

A good cold water bath will make you refresh completely, achieving a feeling of comfort difficult to match by any other method.

Patio with pool

Placing separation fences

Children and pets can be a problem in using the garden. If we have a pool or a barbecue lit we will be interested in keeping them away if we are not going to be able to supervise them.

In these cases it is best to create differentiated zones with the use of separation fences. It is not about filling the entire garden with fences, but about being able to limit those elements that may pose some danger.

It is a very useful type of garden reform for any time of the year. You’ll be calmer knowing that dangers are well separated by a fence.

Garden fence

When we think of reforms always comes to mind the interior of the houses, but the garden also admits these arrangements. With a few simple changes you can get a great improvement in the use of the garden.

You will see how after these modifications you increase the number of hours you spend in the garden. This way you will enjoy it as it deserves and it will no longer be a place in the house where you hardly spend time.

Spend some afternoon talking with the rest of the family members and decide which is the most interesting reform for your case. Once you have done it you can go for the next one, and thus gradually get a much more interesting garden.

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By Catharine Bwana