7 tips to light your home professionally

Knowing how to light your home correctly is more important than you imagine. Having a good light in the home will not only allow you to see better, but will also change the appearance of the home itself.

You should know that there are countless different options to illuminate any room, and depending on the one you choose it will give one feeling or another.

The color temperature, the direction of the light, the type of lamp chosen… Everything influences when it comes to bathing your house in light, and the results will be very different.

In this post I will give as an example some lamps of Amara Illumination. It is an online store with a huge catalog of lamps, and it will be the best place to look for yours.

Let’s see the tips.

1. Place multiple points of light

Depending on the room you will need more or less points of light, but what is certain is that placing only one you will fall short.

If we place a single lamp we will obtain a more illuminated area near it, and everything that moves away from this point will lose luminosity.

Here you run the risk of making the mistake of opting for a more intense light. This will bathe the whole room with light, but it will do so disproportionately.

The smartest thing is to place several points of light depending on the needs. For example, in the living room it is very interesting to place a floor lamp next to the sofa. Thus, when you sit down to read or just rest, you will have this area properly lit.

In addition, there are models (like this one from Amara Lighting), which adjust very well the area to which it can be illuminated. You will have the perfect light with little effort.

2. Prevents the formation of shadows

The shadows are a consequence of the lighting, since the obstacles that stand between the point of light and the rest of the elements will inevitably generate these shadows. But they are easy to avoid.

You must pay attention to the location of the light points of each room. Avoid concentrating in the same area, since in these cases is when more shadows will form.

The best thing here is to distribute the lamps. Simply separating the points of light will eliminate the shadows completely.

This will not only improve the decoration of your home, but you will avoid unwanted shadows on your face. It may seem like a minor issue, but bad lighting completely changes our face. And it’s the last thing you’ll want when you have a visit.

Several points of light in the room

3. Use warm light in rest areas

Thanks to LED technology we can choose the color temperature of the bulbs. So that you know how to choose them, I leave you the values of each one.

  • Warm light: color temperature between 2800ºK and 3500ºK
  • Neutral light: color temperature between 3800ºK and 4500ºK
  • Cold light: color temperature of more than 5000ºK

Having clear these values the best choice for rest areas is warm light. This is because this color temperature helps us relax, so it will be ideal in bedrooms.

Warm light for bedrooms

4. Pay attention to transit areas

Good lighting is also synonymous with safety. What do I mean by this? Well, you should pay attention to those areas of passage of the house.

Make sure that all the furniture and objects that are in these passage areas look good. Hallways and receivers must be properly lit to avoid bumps or accidents.

The normal thing is that you do not have any problem with the furniture (you will know perfectly where each one is), but you should also think about the visits.

If these areas have poor light it is not uncommon for blows to occur. Simply make sure there are enough lamps and place the switches in visible places.

Hallway with furniture

5. Don’t forget wall sconces

When placing the lamps we will have to place them in the center of the rooms. This allows us to make the most of the light they emit, but will inevitably leave corners and walls with less light.

To better distribute the lighting and make it more uniform you can use the wall sconces.

These are small lamps that are fixed to the wall, so that they will bring lighting to these darker areas. In addition, they hardly take up space and do not hinder the passage.

To give you an idea, here is a wall lamp from the catalog of lamps of Amara Lighting. As you can see they can have very nice and elegant finishes.

Wall sconces

6. Consider light as part of the decoration

Both the lamps and the light they emit are part of the decoration of the house. You have to keep this in mind when you are considering the different styles of decoration.

The style of the lamp will greatly influence the result you want to obtain. Both the structure and the materials used will provide one finish or another.

But not only this. The lighting itself will also count. Remember that you can choose the color temperature you want and that the direction of the light will give more prominence to some parts of the house or others.

This is why it is important to see a wide catalog of lamps. The more models you see, the greater the chances of getting the finish you want.

Decorate with lamps

7. Adjust the size of the lamps

The size of the lamp must be in accordance with the size of the area to be illuminated. If a ceiling lamp is chosen to give light to a table, it must have a size proportional to it.

The same goes for lamps in the rooms. If the room has large dimensions you can choose a large lamp, but if it is smaller you must place a smaller one.

Whether you overgrow or fall short will give a strange effect to the stay. Also, the bigger it is, the more lighting it will provide. This is why it is interesting to look closely at the dimensions of the lamp that you plan to choose.

Here is another example of Amara Enlightenment. It is a ceiling lamp 35 cm in diameter.

Pendant lamp

If you take into account these 7 tips the next time you go to buy a lamp I am sure you will get your purchase right.

As you have seen, it is not about choosing one or the other model, but you have to think about the whole room in which it is going to be placed.

Think that good lighting makes your home much more comfortable. Having good light in the home is very important!

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By Catharine Bwana