Basic tools to undertake a reform

Undertaking a reform at home on our own will allow us to modify the appearance and distribution of the home saving on personnel costs. It is essential to have knowledge of masonry, so at least one friend or family member should have knowledge of construction.

To start the reform in a professional way it is necessary that you gather a series of tools that you will need to perform different jobs during the process. Do you want to know what are the basic tools you need? We show you the most important ones below.


A drill is essential for making holes in materials such as stone, wood or metal. They are essential in any reform or DIY work and there are wired versions and battery versions. It is essential to have a good set of bits that allows you to make holes of different thicknesses.

To enjoy a professional use we will demand qualities such as the option of firing pin, reversible rotation or a trigger to regulate speed. If you want to find the drill you need on this website compare some drills for professionals.


Electric grinder

It is a machine designed to cut a wide variety of surfaces and materials. To do this we must make sure we have both metal discs and stone discs.

There are grinders of different dimensions, of 125 to perform small jobs; and 230 for large works in works and reforms. A fundamental tool in any reform.

Electric grinder


The use of an electric mixer is very useful when preparing mortar for use in the reform. It is the best solution when we can not use a large machine at home such as a concrete mixer, which also produces too much mass that may not be necessary.

With an electric mixer we will get a homogeneous mixture and ready to apply in your reform. A tool to avoid manually preparing the mortar with the loss of time and the effort that this entails.


Ceramic cutter

The use of an electric ceramic cutter is essential when cutting tiles or tiles to place on the floor or walls respectively.

This type of cutters will allow us to make cuts effortlessly and with great precision to fit each tile or tile in the available hole. A cutter includes a cutting disc and a power cable that will help us multiply its options of use.

Ceramic cutter


When we think of reforms always comes to mind the reform of the bathroom or kitchen, but we can also plan reforms in the garden. If this is the case you will need a very useful tool such as the brushcutter.

This equipment will allow you to cut all kinds of herbs and shrubs quickly and effortlessly and includes an anti-vibration system for ease of use. Access corners where the traditional lawn mower cannot reach.


Electric hammers

Electric hammers are needed to drill materials of great hardness and strength or to demolish walls. In the market we can find different types of electric hammers, such as the hammer, the combined hammer and the demolition hammer.

The hammer hammer is the lightest and serves to drill in height, the combined is perfect for demolitions and drilling that need more power, while the demolition hammer is perfect for demolishing floors and is the most powerful of all.

Electric hammer


During the reform it may be necessary to use screwdrivers. This tool is used to loosen and tighten screws and are usually sold in kits where screwdrivers of different sizes are included to loosen and tighten screws with different heads.

It is an economical kit that is always good to have at home because they are usually needed quite often, not only for reforms but also to assemble and disassemble furniture.



Mallets are the perfect manual complement to electric hammers. It is a tool of great size and weight, perfect for hitting chisels or pointers and for performing minor demolition work. It is usually necessary to use both hands to handle the mallet, although it does not take a great technique to easily understand how it should be used.


Bricklayer’s trowels and trowels

The palette is essential for tiling work and for repairing coatings, as well as for mixing materials and applying them to a specific area. The blades, on the other hand, are designed to spread cement or plaster on a surface and are handled with great ease.

Both tools are available with different handles and finishes depending on the needs you have.

Pallets and trowels

Have you taken note of all the tools you need to undertake a reform at home? Now you just have to buy those tools you need and plan the reform to start step by step until you get the result you and your family have in mind.

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By Catharine Bwana