Built-in cisterns: the improvement to have an elegant bathroom

The built-in cisterns give the bathroom a more elegant and clean decoration. This concept is increasingly present in homes, and represents an improvement in the appearance of any toilet.

The design of toilets has improved over the years, but there hasn’t been a huge revolution in their appearance.

However, thanks to the recessed cisternsa great finish has been achieved for this element. The bathrooms that have one offer a greater sense of spaciousness, since elements are eliminated.

Let’s review its different characteristics and see some real examples.

What is the recessed cistern?

Recessed cisterns are those that are hidden behind the wall so that the toilet is suspended.

This elegant design, which can be easily found in hotels, leaves only the toilet cup visible. For this it is necessary to have a special button to activate the water discharge.

It is a great choice for people who like elegance and simplicity in decoration. However, having these tanks has other advantages.

How to assemble a recessed cistern kit

This type of tanks come with a kit that facilitates their installation. Instead of arranging the loose pieces, you will find a structure that you must fix to the wall.

System of a recessed cistern

The height is adjustable, so it allows you to place the toilet cup at the distance of the ground you want.

When you have it, you will have to fix it with the screws it incorporates. Once secured, you can cover the wall so that it is hidden.

Finally you need to install the tank emptying system. It’s the most cumbersome part, and it will depend on the type of buttons you use.

You can see the whole process in the following video.

Advantages and disadvantages

Making the leap to a recessed cistern has some advantages and disadvantages that you should know:


  • Stylish design
  • Wider bathroom feel
  • More comfort to clean


  • Higher cost than a normal tank
  • More complex installation
Classic cistern and recessed cistern

As you can see, all the improvements are focused on its appearance and cleanliness, while the negative points affect the installation and cost.

You can reform your bathroom and add this element or take advantage if you buy a new home and request that it be included.

I personally love this type of cistern.

Real examples

So you can see different finishes I leave you with all these photographs. They are real bathrooms that have incorporated a built-in cistern.

Built-in toilet cistern
Image: pinterest
Bathroom with built-in cistern
Decoration with <a href=recessed cistern” width=”640″ height=”428″ />
Example of a recessed cistern
wall-recessed cistern
Modern bathroom with built-in cistern

What you get are fewer items in the bathroom. The toilet is indispensable, if we eliminate it a crucial element will be missing, but what we can do is hide one of the parts.

You won’t have to worry about dirt accumulating between the toilet and the wall. With this system the cleaning work is greatly facilitated. In addition, as the cistern remains on the wall, the surface that needs to be cleaned will be smaller.

It will be greatly improved in both the design and cleanliness of the bathroom!

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By Catharine Bwana