It is known as decoration, whose origin comes from the Latin decoratio, to the fact of beautifying or adorning something. Furniture is a main part of the decoration and is used for adornment, paying special attention to how they combine with each other, as well as with other elements.

Within the decoration furniture we find some trends: Minimalist style:

It is characterized by the order and scarcity of decorative elements; The main colors of this type of decoration are neutral, usually black and white. Minimalist furniture decoration revolves around austerity, “less is more”.

Nordic or Scandinavian origin: It is based on functionality and the scarcity of decoration. Despite this, they are an icon of elegance that was recognized in the 50s of the twentieth century and still are today.


To talk about the history of decoration, we have to go back to the Neolithic, when primitive societies decorated the interior of their caves with cave paintings that represented their daily tasks. Since then, the art of decoration with furniture has evolved in parallel to society.

From the end of the Roman Empire to the Renaissance, the European upper classes were the great promoters of furniture decoration. They spent real fortunes on decorating their homes with furniture ordered from the best cabinetmakers, as well as on acquiring bedding, curtains, carpets and goldsmithing. Back then, having a properly decorated home was a symbol of wealth.

Later, during European colonialism, due to the expansion of numerous European countries to other continents, fabrics, cotton and other first-class materials began to be imported from the colonies to decorate the decoration with antique furniture.

Already in the twentieth century, thanks to the printing press, numerous publications emerged that showed perfectly decorated houses to ordinary citizens. In this way, the middle and lower classes began to copy the decoration of the upper classes and decoration became a necessity for everyone.

In you can find a large selection of decoration furniture, we fuse the best contemporary furniture designs with unique pieces of great beauty and we combine this with the search for antique or vintage pieces of the elite of designers of the twentieth century, already converted into classics of decoration.

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By Catharine Bwana