Expect to see these colors on front doors in 2021

If you could convey your personality to your door, wouldn’t it be a nice sight to come home? For quite some time, people are designing unconventional entrances with the best door color trends. Gone are the days of traditional doors, and today we welcome the popular colors of gateways for 2021. So, find a way to incorporate a little bit of your character directly into your entry on this list.

Regardless of people’s opinion, there are unlimited ways to brighten your front door. There is no definitive rule about what you can work and achieve. Some options may seem eccentric, they can give a radical impression, but the choice is up to you. Here, I compiled some of the popular front door colors for 2021 that you can try and be satisfied.

When you find the right shade that will work, then it’s time to prepare your paint bucket. But don’t forget our helpful tips before you start painting your front door.

The cozy red doors

 Photo: Unsplash/Vitalijs Barilo

Red doors equal attention. It always stands out for its energetic and striking aura. If you want to highlight your entry, keep it updated with bloodshot colors. In addition to turning drab porches into a cozy space, red doors will also enhance the exterior appeal of your home.

Reds vary in hue and tint, so you have different variations of options. Whichever shade you choose, you will never fail to create a welcoming feeling at all times.

 Photo credit: Etsy/ Ever Blooming Original

This barn-red front door against its neutral, creamy surroundings offers a warmth and homely appeal. Hang a monogram letter with the initial of your name and make it more attractive. Barn red and brick red never make it past season and remain popular colors for 2021 front doors.

 Photo credit: Unsplash/Tamoghna Datta

If you don’t like vibrant tone but want something in the same palette, tone it down. Take this raspberry-red door, for example. It exudes elegance without being too provocative.

Teal front doors to exude calm

 Photo credit: Unsplash/Chlo Schieffer

A mix of blue and green denotes calm and offers a relaxing exterior. Like red, teal also crosses various shades and hues. Some may rely heavily on a bluish color, while others lean more toward green. These are the popular colors of entrance doors that provide a sense of tranquility. It is usually the color with which some cottages and most beach houses are covered.

 Photo credit: Pexels/ Pixabay

The turquoise arched entrance door against the brick outline expresses a union of modern and traditional design. Neutral tone creates balance in an otherwise obsolete architecture.

 Photo credit: Pexels/ Lina Kivaka

This teal door has a relaxing aesthetic appeal for the apartments’ monotonous entrances. It compensates for the messy appearance of the brick exterior and draws attention to the serene character of the doors.

The classic and timeless doors dyed for wood

 Photo credit: Unsplash/L Tun Hng

Natural woods are still popular colors for front doors in 2021 and may be for longer. The timeless charm of wood dye exudes a cozy touch. Also, if you hate painting your door, unpainted wooden doors will always make sense, no matter what.

But if you want to update the exterior of your dingy-looking door, repainting it to its original color will revive its age. The best thing about wood is its versatility. Therefore, it will combine with your cladding and walls regardless of their finish.

 Photo credit: Etsy/ Craft Cut Monogram

Glass and natural wood are an elegant duo to create a rustic themed appeal. It’s easy to customize and will integrate into your surroundings even with multiple porch lights!

 Photo credit: Unsplash/Sophie Dale

The mahogany colors of the front door with bright brightness never cease to amaze visitors. It speaks of integrity and mixes quality with timelessness. This color is also perfect for all kinds of materials in the house.

A black front door statement

 Crédito de la foto: Unsplash/ P. Bc

No podemos imaginarnos un clásico sin un toque de negro de fondo. Su efecto de contraste lo convierte en el favorito de todos los tiempos para agregar profundidad a las puertas. Combine su puerta de entrada negra con tonos neutros y logre ese aspecto sofisticado y pulido. Su sencilla elegancia transmite una sensación de orden que transmite la fuerte personalidad de sus inquilinos.

Despite its attractive exterior, a black front door will also add financial value to your home. According to Zillows’ analysis, black and charcoal front doors will invariably increase the real estate value of your home. That’s something to consider to choose from among the popular colors of front doors for 2021.

 Photo credit: Pexels/ Mitchell Henderson

This black gateway against white ornaments transcends season after season with its grace. The shade offers a mysterious atmosphere to its surrounding environment.

 Photo credit: Pexels/ Anfisa Erimena

The black door with panels completes the relaxed atmosphere of this abode. It reinforces the pink and brick around it with a strong contrast of the solid black exterior. Without it, the porch will appear weak and unbalanced.

Bright, bold colors for front doors

 Photo credit: Unsplash/ Florence Potter

Spice up your tickets with fun, quirky colors that give them a vibrant character. Yes, bold and bright colors are still among the popular colors of the front doors for 2021. So, highlight a striking visual appeal to your door with a burst of dye. Add some yellow, orange or green and see how it will brighten your mood.

A brightly colored door invites positivity and shows creativity. Not everyone is bold enough to put on bold colors. But a vibrant tone, say a yellow front door, certainly adds to the exterior appeal of any property.

 Photo credit: Pexels/G

The sensible combination of the cream color of the wall and the yellow of the front door gives a sense of order to the front yard. It’s simple but definitely not something that fades into the background.

 Photo credit: Unsplash/ Pixabay

A bright blue front door against the white exterior is a combination that doesn’t go out. It has that friendly vibe and solid appearance that is likely to pique the visual interest of passersby.

The basics of Crisp White

 Photo credit: Unsplash/George Vogiatzis

Clean and simple, yet impressive, it describes the idea of white entrance doors. It creates a clean line and gives a messy and organized look. White entrance doors remain the popular avant-garde entrance door colors for 2021.

White doors are beautiful and can work in two ways: attract attention or fade into the background. This versatility makes them a desirable choice among homeowners. In addition to offering serenity, it can also give an impression of space. Thus, you can visually enlarge and expand the size of your door.

 Photo credit: Pexels/ Element5 Digital

This elegant white front door radiates a glamorous look that makes the entrance appear wider and larger. The cream-colored door frame breaks the monotony and adds to its visual appeal. White is a perfect choice if you want a lighter, modest-looking entrance.

 Photo credit: Pexels/ Maria Orlova

A touch of white on the front door added a soft touch to this pastel-colored home exterior. Create a subtle style that makes this country house look prepared for a pleasant outdoor view. It also offers a vintage appeal without overdoing it with the colors.


You decide how to keep your door pleasant and visually relaxing. As I said, there is no rule for dressing your entrance. You can let it talk about your personality or continue with the elegance of timeless classics. Either way, deciding the colors of the front door is still your decision.

Are the front doors colored Still in Style 2021?

Yes, bold and bright colors are still “fashionable” among the popular colors of the entrance doors for 2021. So, add a striking visual appeal to your door with a burst of dye. Add some yellow, orange or green and see how it will brighten your mood. A brightly colored door invites positivity and shows creativity.

What are the popular colors of entrance doors for 2022?

Black will be the most popular gateway color of 2022, and blue and green will also be preferred. About 56% of experts surveyed for Fixr’s 2022 paint and color trends report (opens in new tab) agreed that black will be the most popular color choice for front doors in 2022.

What door color is popular in 2021?

The best front door colors to sell a contemporary home are bright yellow, pink, and turquoise because they grab buyers’ attention. However, the black front doors seem to have the best resale value. Traditional houses look best with muted colors; The most popular shades are deep blue, dark gray and sage green.

What is the most popular color for a front door?

It’s hard to go wrong with black, and it may be the king of popular door colors. Majestic, formal, elegant and bold, a black door is heard without hindrance. As trends change, black stands the test of time, so you’ll benefit from this color for years to come.

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By Catharine Bwana