Glass vs aluminum terrace enclosures: main differences


When closing a balcony or a terrace we usually automatically think of aluminum enclosures, but the truth is that it is not the only material to do so.

You have the option of opting for aluminum or glass, and to make the right decision you will have to know in detail what each of these materials entails.

You can directly check the price of Terrace Enclosure in this link, but if you need to know the advantages of each of them I leave this post with all the information to help you with your decision.

Aluminium enclosures

The aluminum enclosures use this material to create the structure on which to place the different crystals and windows.

Being a very resistant material, both when it comes to supporting weight and different climates, it becomes a great choice to achieve a long-lasting enclosure.

Although aluminum has a metallic color, it is common to see enclosures painted white or black, so that it fits better with the decoration of the house.

In addition, not only can terraces or balconies be closed, but enclosures can also be placed on porches and even in interior areas of the house.

Aluminium enclosure

Glass enclosures

Glass enclosures are also known as glass curtains and their objective is to achieve a whole glazed surface. Aluminum is not used to generate the structure.

Depending on the shape of the area to be closed, it will have a greater or lesser difficulty of installation, but once it has been done, a quality enclosure is obtained.

It offers very good resistance and thanks to the advances in the manufacture of glass, good values of thermal and acoustic insulation are achieved.

Glass enclosure

Main differences

Now that we have seen what each of them consists of, let’s analyze the main differences between the two.


The aesthetics is perhaps the most striking part. An aluminum enclosure can be very elegant, but when we opt for glass curtains the finish will be much better.

Las ventajas en el apartado estético de utilizar vidrio son las siguientes:

  • Absence of elements that block the vision (no profiles)
  • Greater sense of spaciousness
  • Easy to clean, as it has a completely smooth surface


There is a price difference between both enclosure systems, with glass being the one that will have the most cost. However, you should ask for quotes, since there does not have to be a big difference.

In these cases it depends a lot on the shape of the enclosure. If it has curvature or it is necessary to form some kind of angle the price of the glass enclosure will be higher, but if it is a simple enclosure they can be on par in terms of cost.


It may seem that aluminum enclosures will be able to close a larger surface, but the truth is that it is not so. Both this material and glass enclosures can cover a great distance.

For example, the company Lumon, thanks to the use of wider leaves, are able to cover large areas with a reduced number of leaves. This will allow you to create aesthetically perfect enclosures without having to limit them by size.

Here you can see a real example of Lumon, with the result of both closed and open enclosure. As you can see the finish is fantastic.

– Opening system

A very common mistake is to think that in glass enclosures you will not be able to open any window, since it gives the feeling that it is a fixed system, but the truth is that the opposite happens.

When you install glass curtains you will not only have the option of opening a part of the enclosure, but there are systems with which you can open practically the entire enclosure. You will get a totally open and diaphanous terrace.

Here you can see a short video of the operation of glass curtains:

In the case of aluminum you can open the different windows, but you will not have the option to open the entire enclosure as in the case of glass.

Both in aluminum and glass enclosures you have the possibility that the leaves are sliding or tilt-and-turn.

Advantages of aluminum and glass enclosures

Choosing both glass curtains and aluminum enclosures will be a good option. By doing so you will gain space to the home, since you will make comfortable an area of the house that is exposed to different climates.

Think carefully about which of the two options is best for your particular home. You must assess aspects such as design, dimensions or the price you can invest.

Once you have done this reflection you will only have to take the leap and request that they do the installation. You will see how it is a small investment that will improve the quality of life in your home!

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By Catharine Bwana