We all love to barbecue, but cleaning is a little less fun. But if you want to extend the life of your built-in barbecue and cook safely and calmly, it is essential that you know how to clean your built-in barbecue.

•How to prepare the built-in barbecue for the summer holidays

Summer and holidays arrive, and you can’t resist a good barbecue with friends.

But so that you can enjoy many pleasant barbecues during these months it is essential that our built-in barbecue is clean and cared for.

A good maintenance and a set-up of the barbecue will make it enjoy a long life, and it will also be easier for us to keep it clean and usable throughout the season.

So, before you start cooking, tune up your barbecue.

• What maintenance does a built-in barbecue need?

Having a built-in barbecue implies that we must take care of not only the cleaning of the grill, but we must also pay attention to the fireplace and the brick or stone structure.

It is important to fix the small damages that may arise over time on the walls of the fireplace and we must clean them every so often of use to eliminate the soot that can spoil it.

In addition, we must keep the smoke outlet of the fireplace in perfect condition, exactly as we do when chimney sweep the chimney of the house. This will save us problems and the dangers that a clogged chimney can generate.

In addition, logically, we must keep the grill clean, which will be the part that is in contact with food.

If we keep the built-in barbecue in perfect condition with a couple of general cleanings a year, it will be enough to do a simple cleaning of the grill after each use.

Metal brush to clean barbecue grid of work
Keep your built-in barbecue clean and cared for

• What we need to clean our built-in barbecue

To keep your barbecue clean and cared for you will need:

A metal brush or failing that, a metal scourer type lullabies, for the grill and metal parts.

Grease remover or other cleaners, which you can apply on the grill, walls and cooking utensils. You can also use some homemade degreasing mixtures as we tell you a little later.

Pressurized water, to project on areas that have soot

Soft bristle brush, for cleaning brick or stone walls

A chimney sweep brush, for the fireplace area.

• Steps to keep the charcoal barbecue clean

Cleaning the extractor hood is essential, however cleaning may not always be easy since we must access all the components of the appliance.

Remove the remains of the embers after each use

When the barbecue has been turned off and cooled you must remove the embers, ashes and remains of coal that may have remained in it.

Remove barbecue embers after use

Then rub this area with a brush or scourer. You can use hot water that softens the possible remains and then rub again with the brush to finish descaling the society from the tray or bottom of the barbecue.

Clean the barbecue grill

As we mentioned before, the cleaning of the barbecue grill should be done after each use.

Metal brush to keep your barbecue clean and cared for

Rub it with a metal brush and use a degreasing product to help you remove the embedded grease. If you prefer you can use a homemade degreaser combining a cup of baking soda with the juice of a lemon.

Keep the walls of the built-in barbecue clean

This cleaning is not necessary that you do it after each use, it will be enough that you do it 2 or 3 times a year.

The simplest and fastest way to remove soot is by using pressurized water.

Make sure there is nothing that can be broken by the pressure of the liquid, as the force of the water could damage some parts if you throw it too hard.

If the dirt is heavily embedded you can use bleach or dishwasher soap with salt. Rub the walls and refractory bricks with this mixture with the help of the soft bristle brush, and leave it on for an hour before plugging the barbecue back in with the hose.

Clean the barbecue fireplace

As in the case of house chimneys, for the draft of the barbecue to work optimally we must keep the smoke outlet duct clean.

Make sure nothing obstructs it and eliminate the soot that may have remained in the chimney with a chimney sweep brush. This part of cleaning can be tricky if you don’t have the right tools. But you can always come to us to do it, it will cost you much less than you think!

Do you want to be the king of the grill this holiday? Well, you know how to clean your barbecue and get the most out of yours during these summer months.

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By Catharine Bwana