How to keep the house warmer in winter without spending money

The arrival of winter brings with it a considerable increase in our energy bills because we want to get our home to have a comfortable temperature.

And every year the same thing happens, we try to rush to the maximum to put the heating to pay as little as possible.

But do you know how to keep the house warm in winter with a few simple tricks and without spending a single euro on works? Doesn’t that sound interesting?

Well, open your eyes wide, we’re going to tell you.

Tips for keeping a house warm

First of all, let us tell you that the best way to achieve good energy efficiency in your home is to have it perfectly insulated.

Yes, we already know that we have told you that we are going to give you tricks to keep the house warm without spending anything, but think that that initial investment that is made with good insulation is quickly amortized thanks to the savings in energy bills.

In addition, in case you do not know, you can even ask for public aid and subsidies to do such works.

After this paragraph, we will see some ideas to know how to keep warm in a room without works.

Sealing doors and windows

The first thing to know how to keep the house warm in winter is to prevent cold air from outside from entering.

Did you know that 40% of the heat in your home can go through the cracks in windows and doors?

Sealing them and repairing small imperfections in carpentry is very effective to insulate our home without spending much.

The normal thing is that you can see them, but there is a trick that never fails to know if air from outside enters us, and it is to use a candle; If you notice that the flame moves, there is a current that you can remedy.

To seal the windows, it is enough to apply a little silicone, while, if there are joints, it is best to put a polyurethane putty.

Using a thermostat

It seems incredible, but without a thermostat you spend much more on heating, and the explanation is very simple; the ideal for the human body is to be at 21 ° C, and this device is responsible for maintaining this temperature avoiding excessive consumption.

It is estimated that each degree of more than there is, costs an extra cost of € 35 per year.

How to keep the house warm in winter

Hanging clothes outside the home

This is logical, there are many people who do not comply with it and, in addition, tend on the radiators. Putting wet clothes in these contributes to increase the expense considerably, since the heating has to work more hours.

If you do not have space in your house to hang outside, our advice is to think about buying a good dryer with high energy efficiency.

Zoning room heating

Is it really necessary to keep those empty rooms with the same temperature as the inhabited ones?

If you want to learn how to keep warm in a house by saving, you should ask yourself this question.

There are intelligent technological devices that detect movement and operate automatically in these cases, maybe it would not be a bad idea to consider buying one.

Tricks to keep the house warm

Decoration is one of the great tricks to keep the house warm

Carpets, blinds, carpets, curtains… All these elements keep the heat very well and bring a lot of warmth to a home. They also provide sound insulation, so they are a great idea to have at home.

Another trick in this regard are the pictures and shelves with books. Yes, apart from giving an intellectual touch to a room, they mitigate very well the thermal jumps between the walls and, also, reduce the noise of adjoining rooms.

With regard to colors, they are also important; The light ones reflect the light very well, but the dark ones absorb it. A room with dark colors will cost much less to heat than one that has them light.

Take advantage of sunlight and ventilate just enough

There is nothing that warms more than sunlight. If you have large windows with direct impact of the sun’s rays, take advantage of them as long as you can.

Another important factor is ventilation, experts say that 10 minutes is enough a day, so it is normal to do it first thing in the morning, in this way you do not lose heating in the rest of the day.

Review energy rates and the HVAC system

Today, there is a great offer in the market in energy companies, it would not hurt that every so often we compare the prices to check if we can scratch something on our receipts. On the other hand, a good maintenance of the boiler or the air conditioning system that you have, contributes to improve its performance and efficiency when operating, and this is savings.

As you can see, there are many ways to know how to keep the house warm in winter and save on energy bills. Using these tricks you will surely spend less to have a warm and comfortable house. Enjoy it!

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By Catharine Bwana