If although temperatures have not yet dropped you are already trembling to think about how the increases in gas and electricity will affect your well-being at home in the coming months, take note of how to save on heating this winter.


In Europe we are facing various factors that are causing the price of energy to skyrocket.

The rise in the price of gas worldwide means that the Spanish electricity market has generated a large increase in the average price of electricity.

It is the law of supply and demand.

The supply of natural gas falls and demand rises, which generates a rise in prices.

This rise in the price of natural gas means that consumers have to pay more for gas, but also that electricity prices rise, since it is generated mostly with natural gas in combined cycle plants.

These price increases endanger our well-being this winter, especially in homes where the heat depends mainly on electricity or gas systems.

That’s why it’s time to consider how to save on heating before the cold arrives.


As soon as the temperatures drop it will be necessary to put the heating at home and then the bill can skyrocket if you use electrical or gas systems.

That is why it is time to look for accessible solutions that allow us to heat up without ruining ourselves, or at least look for alternative solutions that allow us to control the exaggerated expense we can face.

• So take note of how to save on heating this winter:

Cleaning the extractor hood is essential, however cleaning may not always be easy since we must access all the components of the appliance.

Opt for a heating system that is not affected by price increases.

It’s obvious. If you use a heating that does not use gas or electricity you will be safe from exorbitant price increases.

Installing a pellet stove or fireplace can be a very good option.

You are still in time to do it or fix it, if you already have a system of this style but until now you only used it from time to time.

Remove barbecue embers after use

Chimneys with cassettes and pellet stoves with a clean and optimized system, which ensures good combustion, provide high thermal efficiency, which will allow you to ensure the complete well-being of your home.

You just need a good installation and a good forecast of firewood.

In addition to the economic advantage of the use of firewood or pellets over light or gas, the use of these fireplaces is friendly to the environment, since their use reduces carbon emissions and the emissions produced by firewood do not contribute to the greenhouse effect.

In case the fireplace or pellet stove you have does not allow you to heat the whole house due to its size, its continued use will make the energy consumption of other sources much lower than usual.

Of course, do not forget that to take advantage of all the heat output of these heating systems, it is essential that your installation is clean and in perfect condition.

Control the temperature of your heating

Nothing to be at home in short sleeves. It’s okay to be in a tracksuit or a robe and there is a lot you can save on heating by not putting the radiators to the maximum.

How to save on heating: Control the temperature of your heating

The OCU recommends a temperature of 21º during the day and 17º at night. Take the Nordic and do not waste a single euro on your electricity bill!

Keep radiators and boilers in good condition.

As in the case of stoves and fireplaces, the maintenance of radiators is essential to make the most of their energy power.

Do not forget to purge them before the start of the season, this will improve the performance of the heating and you will also make the bill cheaper.

In the case of boilers, do not forget their maintenance and, if it is very old, you can choose to change it for a low consumption model.

Ventilate the house first thing in the morning and take advantage of the light from the outside

This tip may seem very simple when we talk about how to save on heating, but there are times when simple works.

How to save on heating: take advantage of the light from outside

Opening the windows first thing in the morning will prevent us from losing the heat that may have accumulated at home. Just open the windows 10 minutes and let in the fresh air, then close them and let the light and the sun enter through the glass, and warm the rooms.

If you add to this some other decoration tricks, such as the use of curtains and carpets or warm colors that help generate a feeling of warmth, you will see how you can increase the sensation of heat saving on heating.

Control where heat may be escaping

Detecting spaces where heat can come out is a simple way to save on heating this winter.

A good insulation in the house will allow us to reduce the need for heating consumption by 30%.

Make sure that the windows close properly and that there are no spaces under the doors that cause the heat to escape. Install weather strips that prevent currents from being generated under them.

We hope our tips will help you save on heating this winter.

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By Catharine Bwana