Install Heat Pump in Outdoor Spa

Heating Systems for Outdoor Spa or Swimspa

The Heat Pump has become an essential accessory for a Spa or a Swimspa, conventional heaters that bring Standard Outdoor Spas or Swimspas (Swimming against current) are depreciating due to their high consumption of electric current (3000W of Consumption)

Now in the year 2019 a new way of heating the water of your outdoor spa or Swimspa (countercurrent swimming) has been born, we have Heat Pumps that consume only 500W of Power and give a heat power of 2,800 Kw, the power consumed is multiplied by 5

From 2019 ask your supplier or manufacturer that the Outdoor Spa or Swimspa have a Heat Pump (save thousands of Euros about 500 Euros per Year, according to consumption), in 10 Years Open saved the Price paid for your Outdoor Spa

The heat pump must be placed at least 2.5 meters from the outdoor spa or Swimspa

1. The future location of the unit should be easily accessible for proper handling and maintenance.
2. It should be installed on the ground, ideally perched on a level concrete surface.
3. Check that the floor is sufficiently stable and able to support the weight of the unit.
4. Check that the unit is well ventilated, that the air outlet is not facing the windows of adjacent buildings, and that exhaust air cannot return. Also, leave enough space around the unit for commissioning and maintenance work.
5. The unit must not be installed in an area exposed to gasoline, flammable gases, corrosive products or sulfur components or near high-frequency equipment.
To avoid mud splashing, do not install the unit near a road or path.
6. In order not to disturb the neighbours, check that the unit is oriented towards the least sensitive area to noise.

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By Catharine Bwana