Marble washbasins for life

When choosing the materials to create your new bathroom it is essential to take into account both the trends in decoration to create a modern and attractive bathroom, as well as the durability of the materials chosen in the long term to make a profitable investment with your purchase.

Marble is one of the materials that are in full trend in the field of decorationMarble washbasins are present in design and decoration magazines and enter all the proposals that interior designers and decorators make to their customers. It is a material that can last a lifetime, something that customers especially value.

The success of marble as a material for washbasins

Marble as a material to manufacture sinks is booming thanks to the touch of distinction and elegance that it brings to the design compared to other materials. It is an ideal material for both kitchens and bathrooms and stands out for its high long-term resistance, which allows the sink to remain unchanged over time.

Marble is a material that offers the user a wide variety of types and finishes. In addition to a great chromatic variety among which you can choose the color tone you prefer for your bathroom. Decorators and interior designers frequently turn to marble for sinks, but also to create stone sinks for kitchens.

On many occasions, marble sinks become the main protagonist of the space since we can highlight them as the main decorative element in the bathroom. It is a material that is especially well preserved in covered areas, such as bathrooms. Although it also manifests a great conservation in gardens and terraces.

It is one of those known as “stone materials” that is setting trends today. The versatility and the quality and originality of the results is far superior to that of other materials that try to imitate the marble finish. It is a natural stone, which undoubtedly allows us to enjoy absolute exclusivity, since no two sinks will be exactly the same in the world.

Its boom in decoration is also linked to the fact that it is a material that will never go out of style. And it fits both traditional decoration styles and more contemporary environments. Also because it complements perfectly with other common materials in bathrooms without problems.

Marble washbasins in homes

Advantages of marble in washbasins

The success of marble as a material for washbasins is supported by advantages such as those shown below:

Easy maintenance

The maintenance of a marble sink is extremely simple. It is a material on which it is not necessary to apply abrasive or acidic products such as bleach. It also does not need special care by applying embellishments or something similar. It maintains its shine and appearance intact over the years.

High resistance

Marble as a material fits into the new decoration trends aimed at the sustainability of materials. Marble is a material that guarantees a long service life of the sink thanks to its high resistance. It is a material that supports very well the possible blows that it can receive from day-to-day use, as well as high temperatures.

Advantages of marble washbasins

Unique pieces

Being washbasins made using natural materials, each piece obtained is unique and unrepeatable. The typical marble veining in each sink will be different, without forgetting the wide variety of color tones available that will allow us to fit the sink in any decorative style. Unique pieces to create bathrooms that do not leave anyone indifferent.

You can see some examples of these unique pieces on the Marble Crafts website. You will realize that it is a very exclusive product.

Neutrality and versatility

Marble as a material is quite neutral and does not alter the decorative style of the place where it is placed, in this case the bathrooms. It is a material that does not detract from the elegance of the space and that is therefore very versatile. A material that undergoes a natural aging that is very appropriate to give a sophisticated touch to the space.

A material that stands out

In a world where artificial materials are present everywhere, the introduction of a large marble element such as a sink stands out from the rest of the bathroom elements. It is a natural stone that helps create a more elegant, more natural and stylish space than if we only use artificial materials.

Marble sink

Color of marble washbasins

Although marble has a characteristic color, it does offer a certain chromatic variety. This is an aspect to take into account when choosing your sink, since it will be the predominant color of your bathroom.

You can choose between the following colors:

  • White
  • Beige
  • Grey
  • Anthracite grey
  • Black

Although it is not a very wide range of colors, it will allow you to choose the color that best matches the rest of the elements of the bathroom.

Colors of marble washbasins

As you can see, there are many reasons that explain the rise of marble sinks in the world of interior decoration. A material that never disappoints and that allows you to enjoy its elegance for years in perfect condition. Without a doubt, an investment that is worth making to create a bathroom with a distinctive touch.

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By Catharine Bwana