Modern teen bedroom styles that surprise with an avant-garde modern vibe

Decorating our home and redecorating it from time to time is a difficult task for most of us. The task becomes even more complicated once you throw the kids into the mix and the many things they demand when it comes to decorating the children’s room. But the hassle feels much, much more complicated as you plan the teens’ room. Sometimes it can be a real nightmare and it goes without saying that at some point you will have to give up control almost completely. Until you get to that stage, it makes perfect sense if you decide on a teen bedroom style that’s acceptable to both you and your teen who constantly rebels at home.

 The gorgeous contemporary teen bedroom with teal painted roof feels perfect and relaxing [From: Tunde Dcor] 

Choosing the bedroom style for teenagers is the first and most important step that untangles everything else and makes the decorating options much simpler. While there are as many styles of teen bedrooms as there are adult bedrooms, few definitely feel much more captivating and modern. Today we take a look at the best bedroom styles for teens and hopefully we can give you some great ideas that will make your life much easier. Come in and discover the best.

Be bold with Industrial

The last two decades have seen industrial style top the list of trends in almost every room of the house and the bedroom of teenagers is no exception. In the bedroom of teenagers, exposed brick walls, metal elements, a lot of gray lighting and intelligent industrial bring a touch of nervousness, keeping contemporary nuances intact. Industrial bedrooms are functional, can take advantage of space without sacrificing aesthetics and you won’t have to worry too much about keeping the room super-organized constantly. It’s a challenging topic that’s perfect for the challenging teen!

 Colorful graffiti wall has the biggest impact on this state-of-the-art teen bedroom [From: Rochelle Cote Interior Design] The modern industrial bedroom for teenagers beautifully combines form with function [From: hausstatter interior design  Smart and space-saving industrial bedroom for the teenager in your home!  Stylish industrial-style youth bedroom with gray concrete walls and fabulous industrial lighting [From: Norman Design Group]  Brick walls are a modern choice for the modern industrial teen bedroom.

Creative and Contemporary

Choosing a contemporary style for the teens’ bedroom doesn’t mean it has to be boring with a neutral background and some accent colors added to the mix. A smart corner bookshelf, a painted ceiling that adds color to the space, a custom mural background, or a different workstation are elements that can add that something different to the contemporary teen bedroom. Of course, as the room occupant takes over, you’ll add your own custom touches to give the room a unique personality.

 The urban teen bedroom looks as good as any adult bedroom [From: Sarah Crowley] The wooden niche for the bed provides additional storage to this sophisticated teen bedroom [from: Vlogovich]   The bluish-gray paint for the lower half of the walls adds something different to this cool teen room [From: Laura U Interior Design] Neon lights add glare and class to this contemporary room with a touch of shabby-chic charm [From: Anthony W Design] Neutral backdrop, custom wall art, and red accents make a splash in this modern teen bedroom [From: Hodgson Design Associates]  

Scandinavian minimalism

The influence of Scandinavian design on modern homes is undeniable and seems to grow over time. Scandinavian design is all about clear, bright interiors, lots of natural light, the charming presence of wood, and a background that incorporates minimalism without overdoing it in that direction. It is also a style in which other influences can be added to the mix without departing from the central style. A bit of shabby chic charm in the girls’ bedroom or a touch of industrial style in the boys’ bedroom with a Scandinavian style background still makes a lot of sense in design. Muted colors and a touch of greenery complete these spaces and help create teen rooms that feel like they’re already ready for the transition into the adult world.

 Add some black magic to the teen room with space knowledge [From: Jours & Nuits] Casual and eye-catching lighting fixtures for the cheerful teen room with Scandinavian style The raised wooden platform in the bedroom gives the space a casual and stylish appeal [From: Susanna Cots]    The light pink floral wallpaper is perfect for the teenage girls’ bedroom.

How can I make my room more avant-garde?

How to design an avant-garde room without overdoing it

  1. Make a splash. A splash protector, that is.
  2. Bathing in bed. Okay, not literally, but having a large bathtub in the bedroom, rather than the bathroom, can be two ways, design-wise.
  3. Reflect on yourself.
  4. Plant a forest.
  5. Mix different elements.

How can I bring my teen room to life?


  1. Opt for great drama with a dark color scheme.
  2. Add comfort with an oversized headboard.
  3. Decorate with adult wall stickers.
  4. Add a hanging chair for the perfect space to relax.
  5. Create the ultimate adult feeling with a poster of four.
  6. Or add a fresh canopy.

More things…

What should be in a teenage room?

11 Bedroom Essentials for Teens in 2021

  • Cozy bed. Your bedroom won’t be complete without a bed, so the first essential item for your teen’s room is a cozy bed.
  • Option of seats.
  • Dressing room.
  • Cupboard.
  • Study table.
  • Table lamp.
  • Decorative lighting options.
  • Carpets.

How do I make my room feel sensual?

12 ways to make your bedroom sexier, according to who else? -a sex therapist

  1. Hide the TV.
  2. Organize the Laces.
  3. Keep work separate.
  4. Lower those lights.
  5. Light the candles.
  6. Paint a decorative wall.
  7. Invest in good sheets.
  8. Improve your pillows.

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By Catharine Bwana