This year, even before the arrival of the cold, we are all thinking about which heating system can be the most effective and practical to keep us warm without disgust, seeing the bill at the end of the month, leaving us even more icy.

The cold is taking time to arrive, it is still giving us room to assess and choose some of the alternative systems to gas and electricity that we now have on the market.

Pellet stoves are one such option.

• Install a pellet stove: an economical alternative to gas and electricity.

One of the options to ensure well-being with an economic and functional heat are pellet stoves.

This type of stoves allow us that energy saving of light and gas that we are looking for in the face of the significant rise in prices and the threat of a possible shortage.

Pellets are an economical alternative to heat our house, as well as a more sustainable energy solution.

Install a pellet stove - an economical alternative to gas and electricity.
But before installing this type of heating, you may have some questions.
If you have doubts about whether the installation of a pellet stove is the most suitable for your home, in this post we answer some of the most common queries that are usually made about this energy system.

• Questions you can ask yourself before installing a pellet stove

As specialists in the installation and cleaning of pellet stoves, these are some of the queries we receive from our customers:

What is the price of installing a pellet stove?

The price of an installation of a pellet stove will depend on the type of housing: the square meters you need to heat, the place where you are going to perform the installation and the peculiarities that this installation could have.

Always request a previous quote, in which the installer will take into account all these peculiarities.

Can I install a pellet stove on my floor?

In principle a pellet stove can be installed on any floor.

It is true that some points will have to be taken into account, for example, the access to the roof for the installation of the tubes and the place of the installation to design it correctly.

It will also be necessary that there is an electrical outlet near the place where you want to place the stove.

The correct functioning of the stove will depend on all this.

What kind of maintenance does a pellet stove have?

The maintenance of a pellet stove is simple.

Being stoves that work by combustion, they generate ashes, which will have to be removed to guarantee their correct operation.

This cleaning must be done after each use, as with a conventional fireplace.

In addition, it is advisable to carry out an annual cleaning and chimney sweep of the chimney and its ducts.

How much can I save on heating by installing a pellet stove?

This factor will always depend on various factors, but in general we can talk about that a pellet stove can help us save up to 50% compared to other heating systems.

What is the consumption of a pellet stove

Although the consumption of a pellet stove depends on its power, in general we can say that they can consume about 1 kg / h of pellet, this is if we keep the stove on for about 8 hours a day it will have a consumption of about 8 kg per day, which would mean about € 2 per day.

Are pellet stoves safe?

Yes, they are a safe source of energy, which unlike propane or butane gas stoves, does not carry a risk of explosion.

Does the combustion of pellets produce odors?

No, the combustion of pellets does not produce odors, as with the combustion of some gases or paraffin.

What is the main advantage of pellets over other combustion systems?

In addition to many of those that we have commented previously such as safety, not producing odors, the price compared to other fuels and the ease of finding them in all types of establishments. There is its high calorific value.

Pellet stoves are capable of providing a large amount of energywith small amounts of pellets.

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By Catharine Bwana