Real estate opportunities in summer, do not miss them!

The summer season is synonymous with rest and tranquility, two factors that positively influence when we are looking for the house of our dreams. To find the best real estate opportunities it is necessary to have free time that allows us to know the market in depth and reflect on what is best for us.

In this article we tell you what advantages it has to buy a home in summer. Don’t miss your chance.

Take advantage of this summer to buy the perfect home

Summer is always a good time to buy a home but this year it seems that it can still be more. The good progress of vaccination, the end of the state of alarm and the opening to tourism (and, therefore, of foreign buyers willing to acquire a property in Spain) are factors that have generated very good prospects within the real estate market.

According to the Institute of Valuations, the sector will be reactivated this summer thanks to the real estate activity of the Spaniards. “There are many people and families who, faced with the situation of confinement and the restrictive measures that have been in force this last year, could be interested in acquiring a holiday home in the countryside or the beach, thanks in part to possible higher levels of savings or the need for their own independent place to spend their holidays. (…) In addition, the extension of teleworking opens a new opportunity for second homes, and is that these enclaves have gone from being a place to enjoy the holidays, to be a home that allows its owners to spend long periods “.

Reasons to buy in summer

  • Greater hourly availability, both by buyers and owners of the properties. With more hours of light and free time it is possible to make visits more frequently and get to know better the areas where the house that we are interested in acquiring is. It is important to remember that the latter is one of the factors that we must take into account when identifying our needs when we are going to buy a house.
  • Peace of mind is essential to make a decision as important as buying a home. Buying a flat can generate a lot of stress so it is better to start the process when we are on vacation and without so much work or family pressure.
  • After confinement, many people have realized how important it is to have a home with spaces that face the outside. Summer is the best time to see what the pool of the urbanization is like, the garden of the house or the terraces of the apartment that interests us.
  • Outside the coastal areas, in the cities there will be fewer potential buyers so competition is reduced. It is very important not to feel pressured when choosing between one property or another.
  • Real estate brokers work at the same pace in summer.

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By Catharine Bwana