Spectacular and cozy living rooms with ceiling beams: 25 fashion ideas, inspirations

There are some features that reappear from time to time and trends that last more than a few seasons and disrupt homes around the world. With aging homes receiving modern remodels and adaptive reuse of structures gaining momentum, it’s no surprise that industrial, rustic and farm themed features are making a strong comeback. One of those clever additions that is conquering the world of interior design is the classic wooden ceiling beam. A practical and structural necessity in homes of the past, today it is also used as an aesthetic addition.

 Use wooden ceiling beams as smart decorative elements 

Ceiling beams can make a big difference in the living room and definitely beats the old boring white ceiling that feels like an afterthought. The ceiling beams also bring a contrast of texture to an otherwise monotonous modern space. Giving the living room a cozy touch at times and fitting in with a wide range of styles and themes, this is a look at the 25 most stunning living rooms that tap into the timeless beauty of the ceiling beams at their exquisite, woody best. Yes, we will stay away from metal beams for the day!

Going down the Classic Route

The simplest style to work in a living room with wooden beamed ceiling is undoubtedly the traditional one. A simple paint job here can ensure that the beams fit with the existing color scheme of the space and that seasonal makeovers are not too difficult. Here, lighting and other pieces of décor add to the comfortable presence of the beams and feel like an organic part of the overall living room. Obviously, you can alter the finish of the beams and even opt for a raw look to add some contrast. This is a look you can’t go wrong with!

 The fireplace is the heart and soul of this classic  living room Oak wood beams for the spacious living room with vaulted  ceiling Small cottage style lounge with rustic style Traditional  living room with wooden beams on the ceiling and bright blue sofas [From: Southern Decadence Design]  The twin ceiling beams make a strong visual statement here!  The elegant white rustic living room is spectacular [From: Don Ziebell / OZ Architects]  Spacious living room combines modernity with southwest  style design Fabulous 150 year old house renovation in Spain with stone walls and beams on the ceiling

An air of modernity

Do not relegate the wooden ceiling beam only to the traditional living room. These stylish and stylish beams also look good in the modern home and you will notice it even more when your living room is contemporary and white! Here, wooden beams of a wide range can fit perfectly. Whether it is the old attic that has been converted into a second living room or the double-height living room with vaulted ceiling and elegant beams, modernity and ceiling beams go hand in hand with ease.

 The abandoned house makeover has a wood-roofed living room that feels cozy  Modern rustic living room with mansard ceiling and wooden beams create visual impact [From: bueropm] Skylights bring abundant natural light to the living room with vaulted ceiling [From: Llama Architects]   Small elegant coastal living room with custom corner sofa and a gallery  wall Striking Use of Ceiling Beams in LA Home’s  Contemporary Living Room Wooden logs stacked in the corner add a woody element to a minimal blank living space with wooden beams on the ceiling [From: Janey Butler Interiors]  Double-height living room of a London house with innovative use of ceiling beams [From: Adrienne Chinn Design]  Keeping the rest of the room neutral allows the ceiling beams to shine

Work with multiple styles

The wooden beam of the ceiling is not an accessory that is relegated to a particular style. In fact, it’s one of those rare and versatile things that works well in living space, regardless of your style. Here, more than the material itself, it is the finish of the beam and its overall appeal that influences the style statement. You can start with styles such as rustic, industrial or even that of a country house, as they intrinsically easily embrace the wooden beam of the ceiling. Beams that are generously separated and lightweight in their visual presence work well in more modern environments.

 The ceiling beams here blend in with the backdrop with ease  Elegant coastal living room with natural wood beamed ceiling [From: Cornerstone Architects] Industrial Salon with Brick Walls and Ceiling Beams [From: FFWD Arquitectes ]   Spacious eclectic living room with wooden beams on the ceiling [From: Plum Interiors]

Don’t see the ceiling beam as a simple addition that adds to the appeal of living space on its own. Expand its decorative presence using garlands of lights. Pendant and pendant lamps to draw even more attention to this feature. Once the holiday season arrives, you’ll notice how these beams become a real asset as you try to bring festive cheer.

 Tropical and Mid-Century Styles in One [From: Fine Design Interiors] White-painted wood-beamed ceiling for the elegant living room of a country  house Bright pink decorative sofa adds color to cozy living room [From: Georgina Gibson Interior Design]   White painted brick wall along with natural wood ceiling of the living room adds ample textural charm

Do beams make a room look smaller?

Beams running the length of the room make a small room appear longer. In a small house, or simply as an afterthought of a bedroom or guest room, install beams parallel to the longer walls to emphasize the extent of the space.

How do you make a beam in a living room?

What are the beams on the ceilings called?

A single beam that runs along the roof from one end to the other at the highest point is known as a ridge beam and can be installed along with horizontal and sloping members to create the appearance of solid roof beams. Vertical members can be included to help support horizontal members.

Do beams add value to the house?

The exposed beams do not add value. Only a capital improvement can add value. But if exposed beams create a lot of appeal, then it could generate enough interest to get a higher selling price.

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By Catharine Bwana