Tablets, logs and / or bags to clean chimneys… chemical chimney sweeps with which we only “cheat” and that put your wallet and especially your safety at risk.


They are called “chimney sweeps” products and their function is supposed to be the cleaning and protection of chimneys and boilers. However, these products do not eliminate soot, but change its state, which can generate dangerous situations.

Chemical chimney sweeps

When burned, according to each manufacturer’s instructions for use, the chemicals are heated, ascended and break the outer layer of creosote formed on the wall of the fireplace. In the case of frequent fires, creosote will chemically decompose, so it can fall in the form of ash. That is, we go from soot, which has a texture similar to coarse salt, to a finer substance, which remains adhesive and makes it difficult to later clean a professional chimney sweep.

Therefore they only reconvert the soot and leave it “silently” in the duct, with the risk of it becoming inflamed.

Therefore, it is important to remember that chemicals for cleaning chimneys are not a substitute for a complete chimney sweep and cleaning service. Not only because they do not eliminate soot, but because they have no activity against other waste or bird nests that can hinder the proper ventilation of the chimney duct.


Since they appeared on the market, they have been sold in large quantities of these types of chemicals. In the SWEEPS we are not in favor of the use of this type of products. They clean the chimney, but the soot will not disappear after use, with the risks that entails. Only with cleaning by professionals, we can ensure that soot is removed from the ducts.

Our experience in cleaning allows us, when seeing the inside of a duct, to know if this type of chemical chimney sweeps have been used at home to clean the chimney. Since by using a chemical chimney sweep, the soot will remain in the pipe, which will make it difficult to remove the soot in a cleaner way.

That is why we do not recommend its use, because you may encounter difficulties in the future. If you do a professional cleaning once a year you do not need to spend on chemical cleaners for fireplaces.

There are users, who are confident in the misconception that these products “clean” creosote from soot, do not feel the need to perform a check of their fireplace or a professional cleaning. Which is not correct and generate that risk of fire in your home.

In summary, if we want to keep the fireplace in good condition, it will be enough to clean the chimney at the end of the season or before starting it. Using chemical chimney sweeps will only complicate the professional work of a chimney sweep, who will be the one who can ensure the professional cleaning and safety you are looking for your home.

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By Catharine Bwana