The ideal sound insulation to avoid noise from your neighbors

Noise can significantly affect our quality of life. It is especially serious when we suffer it at home, since our home should be a haven of peace.

The acoustic insulation in walls of the neighbors who make noise has become the best solution to be much quieter in the house.

What can I do if I have noisy neighbors?

Depends on. There are houses where isolation is very scarce and you can hear everything. This implies that you will listen to who you have wall to wall, no matter how quiet that person tries to be.

The noises of the washing machine, the conversations in a slightly elevated tone, the vacuum cleaner, etc. will end up reaching your home.

A very different situation is what you are going to live if your neighbors are extremely noisy people. They play the music very loudly, they have a dog that won’t stop barking, they constantly organize social gatherings and things like that.

In a situation of this type, it is best to talk quietly with the noisy neighbor and make him aware of the inconvenience he is causing.

You can even make a recording of the noise so that he sees that what you tell him is true. If you do not give up your attitude, you have to communicate it to the community so that it can take action. In the most serious cases, it will be necessary to go to court.

Whatever the situation, the truth is that the noises of the neighbor next door will bother you much less if you choose to acoustically isolate your home. In this way, the noises that may leave your house will not cause problems for others.

Benefits of sound insulation

Neither enters nor leaves noise

As we have just pointed out, with insulation no noise enters your house, but it will not come out either. You will rest much better and you can do activities such as playing a musical instrument or watching your favorite movie at a slightly higher volume without disturbing anyone.

Improves health

Living constantly with high levels of noise affects health, because it prevents proper rest and increases stress and anxiety levels. Therefore, if you remove the noise element from the equation, you will start to feel much better.

Increases home value

Buyers and those who are looking for a home to rent are willing to pay more if they know that the house is well insulated acoustically. This guarantees that it will be a place where they can live in peace.

Increases thermal insulation

When it comes to how to combat noise from neighbors, many of the materials used for acoustic soundproofing are also thermal insulators. They make the temperature in the house much more comfortable, making the cost of air conditioning reduced.

Forms of sound insulation and which is the best option

Whether you want to soundproof the ceiling so you don’t hear the neighbors above or if you want to isolate yourself from the noise of the neighbors below, you have several ways to do it.

Insulated insufflated

It is a very effective technique that does not require work and does not involve the loss of useful surface in the rooms. What is usually done is to drill a hole in the wall or ceiling and blow an insulating material.

This is distributed throughout the space, creating a compact and seamless mass. It is a very common solution in double-leaf walls or walls with air chamber, which are present in most constructions.

The materials used to carry out this insulation can be rock wool, mineral wool or cellulose. This last material is the most ecological, it comes from recycled paper. But mineral wool is the one that offers the highest thermal resistance.

It can be applied on facades, dividing walls, wooden floors, shutter drawers and false ceilings. Indoors and outdoors.

Insulation with panels

When you are going to do an important work at home, you can take advantage of it to carry out insulation with panels made of insulating materials such as rock wool, mineral wool, geotextile and even asphalt insulation. These plates are hidden behind the wall, ceiling or under the floor.

While the blown insulation can lose density over time, which leads to the appearance of leakage points, the plates remain in perfect condition for a longer period.

Soundproof walls so you don't hear neighbors

Both wall insulation systems in front of neighbors are good options. The panel method has a longer lifespan, but requires a large work for installation. Blown insulation may last a little less. In return, it is cheaper and does not require a reform at home.

Both methods are good and effective. It all depends on how much we want to spend and whether or not we are willing to go through a work right now.

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By Catharine Bwana