Underfloor heating installation company in Madrid

Do you live in Madrid and are you thinking of changing the heating system? A great alternative is to install underfloor heating. It is a heating equipment that convinces more and more people.

There are already installers who carry out these works, such as this underfloor heating company in Madrid.

In this post I will explain what underfloor heating consists of and why it is a good idea to install it in your home.

What is underfloor heating?

The underfloor heating is a low temperature heating system that has the peculiarity that it is installed on the floor of the house.

For this, a system of tubes is created that covers the entire surface of the house, evenly distributing the heat throughout all the rooms.

The installation is more complex than other heating systems, so it is essential to choose a company that has experience in this type of work.

It is often believed that it is only possible to install underfloor heating in a house under construction, but the truth is that today there are already solutions for homes already built.

It is possible to install this heating system by raising just a few centimeters the ground. It will only be necessary to adapt the doors so that they open correctly.

Install underfloor heating

Advantages of underfloor heating

There are several advantages offered by underfloor heating, but the most important are the following:

  • Greater thermal comfort: the greatest feeling of comfort we have when our feet are warm. This is achieved with the radiant floor, since the surface that emits all the heat is the one that is in contact with our feet.
  • Absence of drafts: the great advantage that it has to be the soil itself that emits the heat is that it does so over the entire surface of the house. Thanks to this, drafts will never be created, since the heat rises evenly throughout the house.
  • Good efficiency: being a low temperature heating system we will obtain greater energy efficiency. In addition, underfloor heating is normally used with heating equipment such as aerothermy, which are tremendously efficient.
  • High thermal inertia: the high thermal inertia means that when you turn off the heating the floor continues to give off heat for a while. In this way the temperature changes are always very smooth.
Appearance of underfloor heating

How to choose an installation company

You must choose well the company that will install the underfloor heating in your home. This is a job that will take time, and the company in charge must have good knowledge of this heating system.

You can start by contacting this underfloor heating installation company in Madrid. Request your budget and consult all the doubts you have.

It is important that when you contact any installer closes well the deadlines that you are going to handle. Think that you will not be able to be at home for the duration of the installation, so you will have to look for an alternative for those days.

If you talk about it in advance and look for the best dates you will ensure that the installation does not disrupt your personal life.

Underfloor heating collectors

Recommendations for use

You should know that this heating system does not work like the others. Here are some recommendations for use so you can make the most of it:

  • Turn on the heating a couple of hours before: having a high thermal inertia you will need to turn on the heating well in advance. In these cases it is best to get a smart thermostat so you can activate it from your phone, regardless of where you are.
  • Turn off the heating in advance: in the same way that you must turn it on some time before, you must also turn it off with enough margin. This way you will take advantage of the heat that continues to give off instead of wasting it.
  • Do not neglect the maintenance of the heating equipment: the underfloor heating is always accompanied by a team that is responsible for providing heat. You must maintain proper maintenance of this device, as it will directly influence energy consumption.
Example of housing with underfloor heating

Making the leap to the underfloor heating is a decision that you should meditate well, but keep in mind that it is one of the systems that provide more comfort to the home.

If you spend a good part of the day at home and you love to have warm feet in winter, underfloor heating is the perfect solution for you.

You can be barefoot around the house in the middle of winter and the little ones of the house will have a great time playing on the floor.

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By Catharine Bwana