Waterproofing façade: calculate your price

Surely, you have heard the famous saying “if water spoils the roads, what will become of the intestines? “, because in a construction the same thing happens.

And, both humidity and water leaks are very serious pathologies that affect a building, and not only from the aesthetic point of view, but also from the structural one.

Therefore, the waterproofing of facades is a method that avoids all this and, in addition, protects the interior of the houses. Do you want to know how much this improvement costs? Let’s look at it in detail.

How much does it cost to waterproof a façade?

Many people wonder how much it costs to waterproof a façade per square meter, but to get the best answer I have prepared this calculator to get your price.

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Price of waterproofing facades

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What is façade waterproofing

Surely you know that the façade of a building is one of its parts that is most exposed to external weather effects such as snow, wind, sun, rain, etc. All this can cause significant deterioration if it is not provided with any type of protection. But the most aggressive agent of them all is water, since it is capable of producing relevant damage, in addition to causing significant aesthetic damage.

The waterproofing of facades is the use of specific products in their front walls that preserve the building from the years by water and isolate it from its effects. It is the best way to ensure that your structure remains protected from leaks and moisture.

Waterproofing a façade implies repairing it with a suitable product for it and carrying out a subsequent sanitation of the area. In this way, not only will the aesthetic conditions of the building be improved, but also the water will be prevented from seeping into their homes.

In essence, it consists of cleaning, sanitation and application of waterproofing products depending on the type of coating on the façade. The following systems can be used for this:

  • Water-repellent materials: Perfect for porous supports such as brick, stone or mortar. They penetrate inside and create a waterproofing barrier based on silicones.
  • Lime paints: They waterproof the façade preserving its traditional appearance.
  • Mineralizing products: Once applied, they form a waterproofing barrier thanks to the chemical reaction produced by the crystallization of the minerals of the support.
  • Waterproofing coatings: Treatment based on polyurethanes and polymers capable of originating a surface film that insulates the façade, making it elastic and waterproof.
  • Vinyl and acrylic paints: They are synthetic resins that waterproof very effectively before the weather.
  • Elastic systems: They are used with different assembly systems and produce an elastic and waterproof membrane.
How much does it cost to waterproof a façade

Why it is important to waterproof a façade

At this point, you should already be quite clear that the waterproofing of facades is done to protect the building from the effects that water can cause on it, but what are its benefits? These are the most important ones it provides:

  • Avoid infiltrations: These produce humidity and condensation, which in many cases, favor the formation of mold. This, in addition to being unsightly is very dangerous, since it directly affects people’s health, so waterproofing contributes to a healthier interior space.
  • Reduce future expenses: This type of work should be considered as an investment, since avoiding problems due to humidity will mean not having to carry out expensive repairs in the not too near future.
  • Avoid accidents: You already know that water and electricity are not a good combination. One of the most common consequences of short circuits in a house is the infiltration of water, apart from the possible detachments that may occur in the cladding of the façade due to the devastating action it has on its structure.
  • Protection of the foundations: Humidity can produce serious deterioration in the structure of a building, it is capable of corroding steel beams and walls of bricks and cement.
  • Improves thermal insulation: The waterproofing product for walls not only protects from moisture, but also improves the thermal insulation of the building contributing to its improvement in energy efficiency.

How waterproofing is carried out

This is a technique that depends on the existing material and the time it is undertaken. In general, it can be summarized in the following process:

  1. Before applying the waterproofing for walls, it is necessary to repair the possible cracks that exist to avoid future infiltrations. In addition, it is convenient to clean and prepare the façade, such as eliminating chipping, to achieve good adhesion of the product to be used.
  2. If the presence of mold has been detected on the façade, it must be removed by washing the entire affected surface thoroughly before proceeding to the waterproofing treatment.
  3. A first primer is applied to improve the adhesion and absorption of the surface to be treated.
  4. Finally, the waterproofing product is applied to the outside of the façade.
Price square meter waterproof façade

As you may have seen, the waterproofing of facades is an essential technique to maintain a good image and conservation in a building. Its benefits are numerous and, in addition, it favors the good health and comfort of the people who live inside their homes. By the way, have you noticed if yours already is?

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By Catharine Bwana