Where to put radiators in the home

The decision of where to put the radiators is more important than it seems, since the location of these elements will influence both the aesthetics of the house and its energy efficiency.

That is why it is convenient to analyze very well what are the air conditioning needs that exist, what type of radiators are going to be put and the exact place of location of them.

Remember that if it is a minor reform, you can change a radiator without moving the rest.

Tips when installing radiators in your home

If you have the opportunity to choose where to place the radiators, take note of the following tips.

Getting the power right

When it comes to heating the house by radiators, the first thing to do is choose the right power.

This will depend on both the orientation of the house and its location and its isolation conditions. Of course, the colder a house is, the more power the air conditioning system must have.

On the other hand, when installing heating you can also assess whether or not to change the energy supply system of the radiators.

For example, moving from a diesel boiler to a natural gas boiler, a biomass boiler or an aerothermal boiler.

Choosing the right material

Steel radiators produce 80% of the heat through radiation and the remaining 20% by convection. They are very resistant to both shock and corrosion and have a very long service life if well cared for. They are very easy to assemble because their size is more compact than other models and do not weigh too much.

In aluminium radiators, 80% of the heat emission comes from convection and 20% from radiation. They heat up very quickly and are available in a large number of shapes and designs.

Cast steel radiators are by far the strongest of all, but they are heavy and difficult to install, so they are being replaced by steel or aluminum models. Of course, they manage to give the house a very vintage touch.

Finally there are the electric radiators, which emit radiant heat directly to the environment and do not require any type of installation, just connect them to the electrical network. They are usually used in temperate climate areas where heating is not a common necessity.

Where to place radiators in the home

Where to place your radiators

The placement of radiators greatly influences the comfort we will feel at home. The ideal is to place them just below the window, because this way the hot air rises and mixes with the cold that enters through the window, which allows a homogeneous distribution of heat throughout the room.

One place you should never install a radiator is right behind a door. In this case most of the heat generated by it will escape from the room.

In addition, the door is usually away from the area of the room that is most used. Consequently, the room will remain almost as cold as when the heating was off.

If there are radiators installed behind the doors in your house, it may be a good option for you to consider changing their location. It will not cost you much in terms of time and money and as soon as you move them you will notice how comfort improves in the stay.

This, in the long run, will lead you to save on heating, because you will not have to raise the temperature so much to notice a comfortable temperature.

Another place where a radiator should not be installed is in a gap. Here we run the risk that the heat remains concentrated in that hole and does not expand for the rest of the room.

If you have this problem, you can do is place a heat-reflecting film (reflectors) behind the device. This makes it easier for the heat to leave that hole and spread throughout the rest of the room.

The installation of heating and radiators is a topic to which it is convenient to dedicate time so that the results are the best possible. However, remember that comfort in your home not only depends on where the radiators are, but on how you use them.

Try not to cover them or cover them with anything. If they are under the window, draw the curtains when you turn them on. Also, forget about the old habit of drying clothes on the radiator.

Where to put a radiator

You have already seen that choosing where to put the radiators is not so complicated.

As far as possible, put them just below the window or as close as possible to it and you will notice that the rooms have a much more pleasant temperature.

On the other hand, do not forget to do a correct maintenance of the entire heating system, so its useful life will be much longer and you will save yourself from going through a breakdown in the harshest of winter.

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By Catharine Bwana