Calculate the price of aluminum enclosure for terraces

The price of the enclosure of a terrace is very variable, since it depends on the surface of the same, the materials used and the height that we want to glaze.

To get a budget adapted to your situation, enter the data in the following calculator.

Prices of aluminum enclosures

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Advantages of terrace enclosures

The advantages of closing a terrace are very numerous. If you are hesitating to close it, I leave you the most significant positive points for you to decide if it is a good choice for your home:

  • Noise isolation: in cities it is common to have noise problems. The streets are filled with cars and the bars close late. When we glaze a terrace you are getting protection against noise that will allow you to relax on it.
  • Stable temperature: depending on the quality of the balcony enclosure you will get the temperature to remain more or less stable. Thanks to this, the terrace becomes a pleasant place for both summer and winter.
  • Improvement of thermal insulation in the house: by adding the enclosure you will be creating an additional layer of thermal insulation. The room through which the balcony is accessed will suffer less heat loss.
  • Leisure area: letting children play on the terrace can be dangerous, as there will always be a risk of falls. However, if we place an enclosure, the terrace becomes a much safer place.
  • Protection against rain: on an open terrace you can be while it rains, but when there is wind the water will enter and you will not be able to enjoy it. In addition, you will not be able to place carpets or furniture that does not support water. When the terrace is closed the rain will not matter.
Price of glazing of terraces

Factors influencing price

Because you can choose several features of the enclosure you have to know that the price will vary depending on what you choose. Here you can see the main customization options that you will have to decide between.

Type of aluminum

As with windows, profiles can have thermal break. This is a characteristic that influences the temperature transmission value.

An aluminum profile without thermal break will be more economical, but it will also protect worse against external temperatures.

Quality of the glasses

Glasses have evolved enormously to offer better results against thermal insulation. Today they are composed of several layers and can carry special gases inside.

In addition, there are treatments that cause improvements against solar radiation. All of these upgrades are optional, and the price will vary depending on the type of glass chosen.

Type of enclosure

When we close a balcony we have to think about the type of enclosure we are going to want. Here you can see the 4 solutions you can opt for:

  • Fixed panels: it is an enclosure that does not offer the possibility of opening any window.
  • Sliding windows: it is a type of window that does not take up space when opened, but its insulation is a little worse.
  • Practicable windows: this is the classic window that rotates on the vertical axis to open.
  • Tilt-and-turn windows: it is a very interesting solution in which the windows are opened by rotating on their vertical or horizontal axis. It is the most complete option.

Enclosure height

It is not the same to have to install an enclosure that starts from the ground to another that does it from a wall.

When a terrace has a railing it will be necessary to remove it in order to place the enclosure. This work of withdrawal added to the increase of the square meters that are necessary causes the price to increase.

On the other hand, if the reform is going to be carried out on a terrace that has a wall, there will be no price work to be done and the necessary square meters will be smaller. In these cases the final price will drop considerably.

Terrace profile

The most normal thing is that the terrace or balcony has a square or rectangular shape. In this case all corners will form an angle of 90 ºC. It is the most normal distribution.

However, there will be situations in which the shape of the balcony does not have these corners and has curvatures instead.

Rounded corners will increase the price significantly. Keep in mind that crystals are usually manufactured on flat surfaces.

If you want a curved surface you will have to order it in a personalized way. It will be necessary to indicate both the size of the surface and the value of the curvature.

Price of closing a terrace

Precautions when closing the terrace

You must know some aspects that may influence the installation of the enclosure of your terrace.

Permission from the community of owners

When the appearance of the façade of a building is altered, it is necessary to consult the community of neighbors.

Depending on the statutes it will be necessary to ask permission or not. The best thing in this situation is to talk to the property manager to provide you with the information.

In the case of having to request permission from the community of neighbors, talk to the president first. Researching this point should be the first thing you do.

Building permit

When you already have the approval of your community you will have to apply for a building permit from your town hall.

For this management it is best to talk to the company in charge of the reform. They will know how to indicate the procedures that are necessary or can even be carried out on your behalf.

Outdoor air conditioning unit

If you have installed the outdoor unit of your air conditioning in the terrace area it will be necessary to move it from site.

It is best to make this change before starting with the glazing of the terrace. Once it is closed it will be more complicated to move this element.

Price of porch enclosures

Closing a terrace is a fantastic solution for a good number of homes. It is common that this space of the house is not used enough, something that will change with glazing.

With this reform it is possible to gain a few useful meters to the home. You will make more life on the balcony as it will be a much more comfortable place. In addition, you can furnish it to your liking, since you will not have to worry about rain.

Compare budgets and you will be able to know what the price is for your specific situation. As we have seen there are many details that will make the price vary. It provides all the data that is useful and compares the price of various companies.

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By Catharine Bwana