Learn to Perform Water Exercises in a SWIMSPA

How to perform water exercises in a swimming spa

The healing and relaxing influence of water has led to the invention of ‘hydrotherapy’, which talks about the use of water for pain treatment and relief. Water due to its physical properties, including its pressure and temperature, is used for various therapeutic purposes. The concept of swimming spas has redefined the idea of fitness combined with fun and relaxation. However, the question is about how to exercise at a swim spa for maximum fitness benefits.

Steps 1 Use water to relax.

You can simply dive inside this lap pool Fill with warm water to calm your nerves and tense muscles. Swim Spa offers you a wonderful option of relaxation after a tiring and sweaty day.

2 Use the jets and currents.

You can control the speed and direction of the jets of the water currents to be able to swim inside the pool. Hands-free swimming promotes muscle movement of your entire body.

3.Do strength exercises with resistance bands.

When attaching the resistance bands to the rowing bars, You can perform strength exercises for your hands and legs.

4 Add weights in the mixture.

In some cases you can use ankle weights to achieve well-formed thighs and calves. Tie ankles with flotation cuffs to increase resistance No weight for better performance.

5 Do walking and running exercises.

The use of foam buoyancy belts is useful for walking and running inside the pool, as it promotes toning of the abdominal muscles, the lower back and helps correct posture.

6 Use a paddle wheel.

You can use the paddle wheel for rowing exercises to increase upper body strength.

7 Experiment with other equipment.

Certain swimming exercises They can also be done with kick board, dumbbells and drag balls.

8 Don’t forget to stretch too!

Perform some stretching exercises with the help of elastic belts and stretching machines.

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By Catharine Bwana