Electrical Connection of a Hot Tub

Precaution Installation Hot Tubs

The installation of the hot tub must be carried out in accordance with local and national requirements on electrical installations. Let the electrical installation always be carried out by an authorized professional. All Cockergreen hot tubs are manufactured to standards and tested to provide the greatest possible protection against electric shock. An improper electrical connection may cause the safe operation of the hot tub to be not guaranteed, or which may cause electric shock, bodily injury or death. In addition, an improper electrical connection can lead to improper operation of the hot tub components, as well as fire hazard. Hot tubs are products that have been tested and tested so as not to cause any accident by themselves. But it is necessary to ensure that the same thing happens in the electrical connection itself, for this it is essential that the Electrical Installation is carried out by a Qualified Technician The electrical requirements of this installation are defined in the regulations of each country Some common requirements Compliance with Low Voltage Electrical Regulations Electrical connections with very high water protection indices of the order of IPX5 or more Switch that allows to disconnect the bathtub and that is outside the electrical protection areas of the bathroom protected by a value differential not exceeding 30mA.

However, the use of 10mA differentials for this application, although not mandatory, is highly recommended and is applied by many users given the higher level of protection it provides. 2.5mm thick Wiring Electrical Line My final recommendation is that if we have invested a significant amount in the purchase of the Hot Tub, do not skimp on the Time of Installation let’s play it safe and ask that the installation of the hot tub is performed by a qualified professional electrician, We will be able to reduce the risks of a deficient installation that can invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty and we will gain a lot in terms of safety and tranquility when it comes to taking a relaxing bath

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By Catharine Bwana