How to Download and Install Your Spa in Your Patio

How does the spa get to your site? The spa is a relatively bulky and heavy appliance. Therefore you have to plan how to get it to its final location quite carefully.

Normally it is not usually a problem and the vast majority of obstacles can be overcome. You just have to know how. That’s why, before the spa is brought home, it’s important that the people in charge of the transport know exactly what conditions they’ll encounter. Find out if you need to lift the spa to overcome obstacles (i.e. if a crane is needed) and how many staff are needed to get the spa to its site.

Should a crane be needed – and it probably will be; The vast majority of spa deliveries are made with cranes – it is important to find and reserve space on the street in time to park it. In case traffic has to be blocked it is likely that it will be necessary to obtain a road occupation permit from the traffic department at the town hall.

Obviously, the crane must have an arm of sufficient length. This can be as simple as measuring the distance from the crane parking location to the spa site. In other cases, some basic geometric techniques must be used to calculate this data. = c 2+ ( c b a ) 2

Normally, the only obstacle that can really cause problems are doors that are usually too narrow to pass a spa.

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By Catharine Bwana