Closing the terrace of your penthouse: ideas and prices

If you have proposed to acclimatize that outdoor space of your house to get more out of it, you are in luck, because we are going to give you several ideas to close the attic terrace and make it become a more interior room of your home. Don’t miss them!, Who knows? Maybe you find something that hadn’t occurred to you.

How much does it cost to close the terrace of an attic

Before moving on to the ideas I leave you a calculator to get an approximate price that fits your home.

Enter the square meters you want to close and the material of the enclosure to get an idea.

Price to close the terrace of your penthouse

How to close the terrace of your attic: some ideas

Expanding the surface of a house is something that many people think, but do not end up doing because they believe that it can be something quite expensive, and nothing is further from reality! But before giving you ideas to close the terrace of your attic, consider what you want to achieve; Have a cozy space to enjoy the wonderful views you have?, gain privacy before prying eyes? Or improve the insulation of your home?

Before all this, the first thing you should consult are the current regulations. These may be due to the urban planning of your municipality or the statutes of your community of neighbors, since many times you will not be able to make certain types of enclosures, and you will have to choose the one that best suits them. Let’s see what options are available with various ideas to close a porch or a terrace.

1. Enclosures with wood

Wood carpentry is an excellent option if you want to put an enclosure to have some privacy. Placing wooden panels or lattices is not something that is very expensive, and there are many options available in the market, from using prefabricated or custom-made elements. A perimeter closure in wood, with a pergola of the same material, can give warmth and make a space cozy with little budget.

2. Windbreaks and awnings

Combining awnings and windbreaks is another fairly economical option to close a terrace or a porch. Fortunately, in the market there are all types and conditions, and they can also make them for you. These elements are easily adaptable to any type of space and can be found in many formats such as sail-type awnings for the roof, windbreaks for balconies or vertical awnings that cover the walls.

One of the best things about this suggestion is that you can have the terrace open or closed as you are interested, that way, your outdoor space will not lose the initial qualities and will continue to have great functionality in its use.

3. Metal carpentry

metal carpentry enclosure will give good insulation and tightness to your terrace. These structures are made with PVC or aluminum and adapt perfectly to the perimeter of the room to be closed. In addition, its possibilities are endless, you can choose doors, sliding windows, folding, folding … Another advantage it has is the number of companies on the market, so you can choose one that adapts perfectly to what you want.

4. Sandwich panels

The sandwich panel is a relatively recent material and is widely used as an enclosure. It is a rigid panel formed by a core of an insulating material and covered by two metal sheets. It is a prefabricated element that fits perfectly to all kinds of measures and that serves both to close walls and ceilings.

This solution is perfect if you live in a place with extreme weather, since one of the main properties of sandwich panels is their high degree of insulation.

5. Glass curtains

If what you want is to continue enjoying a good panorama, glass curtains are one of the best ideas to close a terrace of an attic. They are manufactured with quite resistant glass and can be installed without profiles, making the enclosure practically invisible from the outside and adapting to the aesthetics of most buildings. In addition, they allow great versatility in terms of closure, since they can be opened completely or partially.

6. Hedges and fences

If you want to resort to a totally ecological and sustainable enclosure, plants and hedges are a great option as concealment elements in an enclosure. You can resort to natural or artificial, and they are perfect to give a natural touch to the terrace with little budget. By means of fences or wooden pallets you can create vertical gardens with the mere fact of placing pots with climbing or hanging plants.

7. Mesh, one of the cheapest ideas to close a porch or terrace

Possibly, the most economical method to close your outdoor space is the installation of concealment meshes. There are many materials: plastic, PVC, polyethylene… And, best of all, they are very easily installable, anyone can do it! It is an enclosure that runs very quickly and is perfect to gain privacy on a terrace.

But in addition, all these ideas to close an attic terrace are combinable with each other, so you can make your own design alternating different elements and get a personal and exclusive space. In this way, you can take advantage of your outdoor space throughout the year regardless of the weather.

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By Catharine Bwana