Decoration 50s: Discover the style of the 50s


During the 50s a very defined style of decoration was born that today, more than half a century later, there are many people who bet on it when decorating their home. The key to getting a style of decoration of the 50s is to choose the furniture correctly, as well as each and every one of the details: color of the walls, armchairs … We tell you how to implement the 50s style in your home!

How to get a decoration 50s in your home?

BATAVIA we have prepared a small guide with some basic tips to implement the 50s style in your home.

Geometric shapes

In the 50s geometric shapes were the main protagonists of decoration. On walls, carpets or sofas in colors such as green, blue, orange, ocher, brown and yellow. Essential!


In 2016 pastel tones have been the main protagonists in interior decoration; Pantone chose pink quartz and serenity blue as the colors of 2016. Well, pastel tones were also a trend in the 50s, so do not lose sight of them to paint the walls of the house.

Reupholstered seats

If you want to give your living room a vintage air, nothing like reupholstered seats. You can find them in our store with different designs and prints, so that they adapt perfectly to any style of decoration inspired by the 50s.

Detail of the skipper armchair reupholstered in red by Batavia


BATAVIA we have a selection of furniture from the 50s, which are taken care of to the smallest detail. A little over half a century ago, rounded edges were imposed on furniture and appliances; And so they are in the pieces of our store, so you can be sure that you are facing original furniture from the mythical 50s.


Si hay algo que no falta en ninguna película de los años 50 es un tocador repleto de cosméticos en el dormitorio. Por lo tanto, para conseguir una decoración 100% vintage inspirada en esta década no puede faltar un tocador con espejo en tu dormitorio, además te vendrá de maravilla para peinarte y maquillarte.

detalle de tocador danes antiguo

Mueble bar

El mueble bar se convirtió en la pieza clave de cualquier hogar en la década de los 50. En Batavia puedes encontrar una pieza única, un antiguo mueble bar danés fabricado en en madera de palisandrooriginal de los años 50 diseñado por Poul Heltborg.

Detail Danish Bar Furniture of the 50 Batavia

The decoration of the 50s is very peculiar as well as attractive. Taking into account these tips and acquiring original pieces of the time like the ones we can offer you, you will surely get a vintage style in your home of the most attractive.

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By Catharine Bwana