Do you have a mortgage offer? We can improve it

New technologies have brought with them the possibility of obtaining real-time information on practically everything we need. The financial sector has been one of the first to digitize. It is possible that if you are looking for a mortgage for the purchase of your new home, you have made use of different platforms and digital tools that help you in your purchase process.

Information is power as long as you know how to manage it in your favor. You can not forget that the financial world is full of terms and concepts that can be very confusing for someone who is not within the sector. You may think that you have already found your ideal loan, however, it is better to avoid falling into misunderstandings that may cost you an eye of the face. Make your final decision with a professional.

How do we improve your mortgage offer?

The answer is very simple, personalizing your financing. We are not all the same, nor do we have the same preferences, needs, credit profile, etc., so the key to success and also savings is to find the market mortgage that fits you.

Our method

Your own mortgage advisor

The first thing we will do is assign you a mortgage advisor who will always be the same person so that they know your situation in depth. He will accompany you throughout the process solving any questions that may arise.

Free market research

You may be thinking that hiring a professional of these characteristics would make your mortgage even more expensive but nothing is further from reality. We will do a personalized market study at no cost to you. No one knows better than us how complex the search for a mortgage loan is and the uncertainty that arises around this process. Our philosophy is that we only win if you also do it by getting the best mortgage possible.

Presentation of options

After the market study, your advisor will explain the different alternatives that exist at that time in different entities and that adapt to your credit profile. Transparency is part of our values so if the current mortgage offer does not fit your needs we will also tell you.

You decide

Your advisor will guide you to make the best possible decision but of course you will always have the last word. If you do not work professionally in the sector, you may look only at the interest rate, neglecting other very relevant variables such as the APR, which in addition to the price of the mortgage includes other concepts such as commissions or terms.

Benefits of applying for your mortgage with a mortgage counselor

We will only earn money if you save it with your mortgage loan. This is a value deeply rooted in our corporate culture.

After more than twenty years of experience we have specific agreements with both appraisal companies and all financial institutions in the country, so the advantageous conditions they offer us will be applied directly to your financing.

You just have to sign

We also accompany you in this final moment in which nerves are usually on the surface and it is usual for a mortgage loan to accompany you for many years of your life. It’s an important decision and we want to be there with you.

Try our mortgage simulator

If you are one of those who prefer to investigate before making any decision, we invite you to know our mortgage simulation tool. In less than ten minutes find and apply the best offers on the market. You can also compare your mortgage proposal with others and thus find out the best option.

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By Catharine Bwana