Furnishing the interior of the transportable house ÁPH80

Decoration project adapted to the minimum space.

Batavia decoration project in transportable home APH80

The transportable house of the architecture studio ÁBATON known by its technical name ÁPH80 is a unique and really novel project that has made it worthy of two of the prestigious architecture awards A + Architizer in the categories Architecture + Living Small and Single Family House XS.

Transporting the APH80 from Ábaton

It is a transportable, rectangular house (9mx3m), of small dimensions, self-sufficient and built according to sustainability criteria that ÁBATON always applies in its projects. In addition, it has the advantage of being able to be manufactured in a record time 6-8 weeks, it is assembled in just one day and the most innovative, it can be transported by road.

Batavia interior design project in the transportable house of Abaton

The challenge of BATAVIA in this special decoration project was undoubtedly to overcome the limits that can be given by such a small area, just 27 m2 and its integration into a natural setting, so it opted for a cozy interior that reflected a simple life.

Decoration Transportable House Salon APH80 Batavia

Como no podía ser de otra manera, aunque reducidas en espacio, encontramos las señas de identidad de BATAVIA en una combinación perfecta entre el mueble de diseño más actual y piezas únicas antiguas procedentes de Asia, Dinamarca o Francia.

batavia.es/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/APH80-img-5-700×380-600×326.jpg 600w” alt=”Detail elm coffee table Batavia collection” width=”700″ height=”380″ />

Danish leather sofa 50s and floor lamp by Marset in Batavia

Its interior space is divided into three pieces, kitchen integrated into the living room, a bedroom and a bathroom.
We highlight the living room, an extraordinary Danish buffalo leather sofa from the 50s, which brings great personality to the space, combined with a bleached solid elm coffee table from BATAVIA’s own collection and an antique patchwork rug. The set is topped by an original Marset floor lamp.

Detail bedside tables Batavia

In the room, BATAVIA opts for different bedside tables, on one side a Danish oak table bringing character to the room and on the other side a pair of tables shaped like a black lacquered trunk.

Image of the closed transportable house

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By Catharine Bwana