How an architect can help you with your reform

Normally when planning a reform we usually think about what we want to do at home without consulting any professional.

We know what we need and we are looking for the masons who can carry out the reform, but in this post I want to give you a recommendation: to have an architect.

This professional will not only help you with the management of your reform, but will also provide you with a lot of knowledge and experience to achieve the best results.

We are going to review in this post how an architect can help you with your reform. Notes.


When we talk about design from the point of view of reforms we refer to the task of distributing and optimizing the rooms of your home.

An architect is a specialist in this work, and this is especially important to make the most of the surface of the house.

With a correct distribution the house will adapt to your needs and both you and the rest of your family members will feel really comfortable.

Do not think that throwing a wall is enough. It is necessary to think globally and keep in mind other aspects such as the orientation of the house, the placement of plugs and pipes and the use of the room on a day-to-day basis.

And an architect will take all this into account.

Renovation architect


Knowing all the details of the structure of your home is essential for the reform to be carried out successfully.

An architect has technical knowledge of the materials that make up the structure of the house and is trained in the most modern construction techniques.

This is key to understanding what can be done and what risks should be avoided. And all this combined with a personal approach, always thinking about the usefulness of the reform for day to day.

Presence of architects in the reforms

Supervision of reform work

One of the big problems of people who rush to oversee their own reform is that they have no knowledge or experience in this type of work.

The execution of deadlines, the cost of materials or the quality of finishes are just some of the aspects that an architect can supervise.

You will know if the work is running within the set time and if everything is being done with the necessary quality.

But not only this, if you still do not have the masons to carry out the reform, the best thing you can do is consult with the architect.

In this way you will get the best professionals within your budget, saving you a significant amount of money by choosing correctly.

Architect for reforms

They are independent

This point, more than a help, is a recommendation when contacting any architect.

If you choose one who works for a company it will not be entirely impartial. It will help you with some aspects, but it will always look for the benefit of the company before yours.

Here it is best to choose an architect who can work independently.

For example, in the case of Elebé Arquitectura, you know that he will make all the decisions from his architecture studio without giving in to pressure from reform companies or group of masons. And this will be the best for you.

Advantages of having an architect

With this post I want you to see the figure of the architect as a key professional in the reform of your home.

Keep in mind that he will visit your home periodically and will be able to check in person that the work is being carried out as agreed in the contract.

This way you will have a guarantee before possible problems in the work.

If you have in mind to carry out a reform soon, contact an architect. He will know how to answer all the questions and, if you finally decide to hire him, he will review the reform and offer you better solutions.

It is a necessary bet. When a few years pass after the work you will know that it has been worth it.

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By Catharine Bwana