Troubleshooting Outdoor Spa: heater problems

Problems with water heating as far as heating problems are concerned, it is something that can be easily done. There are a few things that need to be checked to know exactly how serious the problem is and whether a technician needs to be called. If the water is not heated but is circulating, it means that there is a problem with the heating element. But if the water gets too hot, a few simple steps will lower the temperature.

Disclaimer: Be sure to disconnect the hot tub before you start to avoid accidents. It should be mentioned here that you should not work with electricity unless you are comfortable with it, and you may consider calling a repairman in this situation. Wear rubber-soled work boots if you’re going to fix the problem yourself.

The filter cartridge

If the water is heating up but too slowly, replacing or cleaning the filter cartridge will likely solve the problem. Also, if the heater keeps turning on and off, this also indicates that the filter needs to be changed. The more often the hot tub is used, the more often the filter needs to be changed. To do this, refer to the manufacturer’s guide.

Simple measures if the jacuzzi is not heating

There are a few simple things you could try if the hot tub doesn’t heat the water. First of all, open and close the spa door in the spa cabinet and see if it starts to heat up, you need to check if the pilot light went off and turn it back on. Another option is to replace the insulating outer cover, as a damaged outer cover will affect the heating of the bathtub.

The high limit switch

If the temperature exceeds a certain value, usually 48ยบ Celsius, the high-limit switch turns off the heat. This usually occurs if the tub has recently drained due to air passing through the system. If so, you should let the tub run several times and it should return to normal. Also, look for a red button on your spa package, which is the high limit switch, and restart it. If this switch is constantly triggered, even if you have not emptied the bathtub recently, you should contact a repairman.

The spa thermostat

If the water is too hot, check to see if the thermostat has been set too high. You’ll probably need to calibrate your thermostat. On most models, this can be done by turning the thermostat’s Allen screw 90 degrees clockwise. If the problem persists, you may need to replace the thermostat.

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By Catharine Bwana