How to hide a safe in your home

Jewelry, money, family memories… It doesn’t matter what you want to save, but we all have something we want to keep because of its high value. In these cases the best option is to opt for a safe.

But it will be useless to have one if it is exposed in plain sight. To hide it in the best way I have prepared this post with the best tips to camouflage a safe.

It is something that you can do on your own, but if you want the help of professionals I recommend that you contact the locksmiths 24 hours of Nocte Cerrajeros. They are experts in safes and can advise you on the best options.

Let’s see all the ideas to hide a safe in your home.

Type of safe

Before you start to see the different ideas to hide your safe you have to know the different models that exist.

Depending on which one you choose, you will have to look for a suitable hiding place. Each model has its peculiarities, and you must know them to know where you can hide it.

  • Recessed: it is the most widespread option for those who want a quality safe. This model must be installed, as it will be embedded in some hole. The great advantage of this is that it will not be able to be torn from the wall. It will always remain in place.
  • Desktop: it is the fastest and easiest solution. It does not need installation, and can be placed anywhere in the house. On the other hand, you will have to have more imagination when it comes to hiding it.
  • Digital: digital models incorporate a screen with a keyboard on which to enter the password. This system is much more comfortable, as it opens more quickly.
  • Decorative: it is a safe that is already designed to go unnoticed. It will look like an everyday object, such as a book or piece of furniture. It is a great option if you do not want to complicate yourself in looking for a hiding place in the house.
  • Double bottom: it is a special model that divides its interior into two different compartments. It is an additional security measure, since if someone accesses the box they do not have to know that there is a double bottom.
Safe with keyboard

Place of the house

Now that we know the different types of safes let’s analyze the best places to hide it.


The kitchen is one of the most interesting places to hide a safe, as there are many items and compartments.

You can place a box of any kind in the food cabinets or in which the utensils are stored.

If you want to go a step further, you have the option of placing a built-in box behind the fridge. No thief will bother to look there.


This may be the most typical place, but it is not a bad option. A good place to do this is under the bed, as long as you have the possibility to install the box on the floor.

Access will be more complicated and hardly anyone is going to investigate there.

Another option is to do it in the children’s bedroom. These rooms usually have many toys and clothes. Use this to your advantage and hide the box somewhere unexpected.


Forget about hiding the box behind a painting: it’s the most obvious place. However, in the corridors and passage areas of the house there are other very interesting sites.

If your house has a staircase you can take advantage of this to your advantage. Install the safe on one of the steps and then cover the surface just like the rest. No one will think that a safe is hidden there.

Another very interesting solution is for homes that have aerothermal heating. You can place a desktop box behind the vent.

The box will cover the airflow a little, so it is interesting to do this in the hallways and not in a bedroom. Here the installation will be very simple.

Thief opening safe

Places to avoid

It will be interesting if you look for an unusual place. Stop to analyze the peculiarities of your house and look for an original hiding place.

But yes, you must be clear about some places that are not advisable. These are:

  • Humidity: avoid very humid places in the house, such as the bathroom. This humidity may affect the mechanism of the safe or even the content you keep in it.
  • Easily accessible areas: if a person knows that there is a safe in your home, they will look in all accessible places. For a maximum level of safety it is best to place it in a place that is difficult to reach. Look for, for example, an area that can only be accessed with a staircase.
  • Paintings: Putting a safe behind a painting is the last thing you should do. It may seem very exciting, but it will be the most typical place to hide it. The thieves will find it the first time.
  • Cabinets: Putting an overlaid safe inside a closet without worrying about giving it one more level of concealment is a mistake. Someone will be able to break into your house and when you open the closet in search of jewelry you will quickly see the box.
Safe in closet

Do you have any more ideas for hiding safes? If so, leave it to me in the comments. The more ideas we have, the better we can hide them!

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By Catharine Bwana