Prepare your home for winter with a spa

Are you more summer than winter? Does the cold put you in a bad mood? Don’t worry, there are many of us who feel this way. Every time autumn arrives we begin to fear the worst: the winter cold is approaching.

But if you want to escape the low temperatures and give yourself a joy from time to time you should consider buying a spa. You may think that it is prohibitive, but the truth is that they are becoming more affordable.

Companies like offer a fantastic service at a price within reach of many. But before embarking on the adventure I recommend that you read this post in which I give you some recommendations, let’s go with them!

Requirements for placing a spa in the home

Before deciding which spa you want or where you are going to place it, you need to know the requirements you must meet. It is an element that requires certain characteristics in order for it to work. Let’s go over them.

Draping and water intake

The first and most important thing is that the room where you are going to place the jacuzzi has a drain and water intake. Think that water is the element that the spa uses to function, so you will need both connections.

However, this can be solved. If you want to place it in a room without water intake you will simply have to contact a reform company to provide you with this water access point.

It is a plumbing job that will not require too much time, but you must count on this to increase the final price.

Grounded plug

In addition to water you will need electricity. All water flow is done using electric current, so it is essential to have a plug.

It is also essential that you have grounding. This type of plugs are used to connect appliances with high electrical consumption, and the spa can reach 400 W. It is not excessive consumption but enough to make a plug with grounding necessary.

Stable surface

The density of water is 1 g/cm3. This means that if the jacuzzi has a capacity of 800 liters, when it is full it will only weigh 800 kg in water! To this value we must add the weight of the spa itself and that of the people inside.

As you can see, you should not downplay the stability of the soil. If you have doubts consult with the company from which you buy the jacuzzi, they will know how to indicate what type of floors or areas of the house are with which you should be more careful.

Enough space

This point seems obvious, right? Well, you can catch your fingers if you don’t calculate it well. The normal thing is that you do not have space problems, but you must take the measurements well.

It is important that you calculate well not only the space of the spa itself, but also that you must have enough space to be able to enter and leave it. In addition, you must also leave room for future maintenance work.

You also have to keep in mind that some of the water can come out (a sudden movement can throw water at a distance), so it is advisable not to have electronic devices nearby.

If you have all this in mind you can calculate well the space you need to leave the jacuzzi.

Choose your spa

How to choose the ideal spa

Now that we have seen the technical requirements that you must take into account, let’s analyze how to make the best choice.

Available size

The size of the spa will be marked by the available space you have at home. Before looking at options, take a meter and take all the necessary measures.

Once you have the dimensions you can see the different models that are below those values. By doing it this way you will avoid “falling in love” with a model that you will not be able to install later.

Number and location of jets

We call jets adjustable water jets. You will have to think about which parts of the body you want to direct them to know which model to choose.

You may be interested in the lumbar, dorsal, cervical … This choice is very personal, so you should talk about it with the people who are going to enjoy the jacuzzi.


Do you already know where in the house you want to place it? It is not the same in a patio as in a bathroom. The big difference is between placing it outside or inside, but even inside the house there are many options!

Think about what times of the day you are going to want it and what kind of use you are going to give it (relaxation, hydromassage …). This will help you choose the best place.

Elevated or built-in

The main difference between these two modes is as follows:

  • Elevated: will go above the ground
  • Built-in: will be installed inside the ground so that it is at surface level

The cheapest and simplest thing is to place it elevated, but you may be interested in the ease of entering and leaving the built-in.


As you have seen to choose a spa you must assess all the technical requirements. Once you have them, you can start deciding the exact model you are going to want.

A jacuzzi will be a totally different way to face the summer. When you have a bad day or get very cold you will only have to get into your own spa for a while!

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By Catharine Bwana