The importance of industrial flooring in different industries

The importance of pavement in an industry is huge, as it will provide the foundation for all the work to be done for years.

It is important to know the characteristics it must have as well as the materials from which you can choose.

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What are industrial flooring?

Industrial pavements are surfaces with certain characteristics to be able to develop an industrial work on it. It is necessary to comply with conditions that will be marked by the type of activity that will take place.

This type of flooring is usually found in factories, but it is also used in warehouses, laboratories or offices.

In these places activities take place for a good part of the day and it is not uncommon for large volumes of merchandise to move.

The soil must not only be resistant, but also adapt to the work carried out on it. It must be of sufficient quality to minimize maintenance work over the years.

Main features

With technological development, new requirements for these surfaces appear. Nowadays industrial flooring must have characteristics that allow them to offer a good surface today and adapt to the changes that are to come.

A good industrial flooring will have the following characteristics:

– High planimetry

Good manageability is essential to provide a safe surface for workers. It is essential that it has good waterproof and non-slip characteristics.

But it is also essential to have a perfect leveling of the land. In the coming years we will find ourselves facing more automated warehouses, where robotic machines will be able to perform the most repetitive tasks of moving material.

To work perfectly, you must look for a perfectly smooth and level floor. It is a great investment for the industrial floors that are currently installed, since this way they will be prepared for robotization.

– Antibacterial sanitary flooring

One of the big changes of 2020 has been the need to disinfect all surfaces. When it is done on small surfaces there is no major problem, but when it comes to large floors you have to look for the most efficient methods.

New disinfection procedures include washing at high temperatures. Therefore, it is necessary to have materials that can withstand this type of washing without deteriorating.

There will be industries where this point is especially important, so you must have a good industrial pavement at the time of construction.

– Flame retardant properties

A pavement that has fireproof properties will provide the factory or warehouse with extra security.

The materials used for these floors must prevent the advance of the fire in the event of an accident. This will help protect both employees and the machinery and goods inside.

There are currently novel materials that offer these flame retardant properties.

Types of industrial flooring

Types of flooring according to the material

Depending on the material chosen for flooring, it will have some properties or others. It is important to know them, since it will be interesting to choose the one that best responds to the use that is going to be given.


Epoxy resin is a material widely used in industrial floors. The great advantage of using this material is the complete absence of joints. This feature greatly helps the cleaning of the floor and prevents the accumulation of dirt.

It also needs very little maintenance, greatly reducing the investment needed to preserve its properties.

In addition to all of the above, it is also capable of withstanding large loads, has flame retardant and anti-slip properties and is easy to sanitize.

As an addition, it should be noted that it has a great aesthetic finish.


Polyurethane, unlike epoxy resin, has a great resistance to abrasion and outdoor environments. Thanks to this it becomes a fantastic choice for outdoor areas, car parks and industries with strong temperature changes.

It withstands ultraviolet rays well, as well as low temperatures. It is a very versatile floor that has the advantage of withstanding high fatigue work well.

Regarding the rest of the properties they are very similar: it is easy to sanitize and has a great aesthetic finish.

– Polyurethane-cement

This variant of polyurethane offers great resistance to chemicals, thermal shocks and mechanical elements. For these reasons it becomes a great choice for the chemical and food industry.

It also supports cleaning very well with cleaning products and pressurized steam. In these two industrial it is essential to have a perfect cleaning and sanitation, so this pavement fits perfectly.

Pavimento industrial en almacén

As you can see, these are floors that are designed to withstand large volumes of work and extreme conditions.

When planning a factory or a large warehouse, one of the priorities should be to establish a good foundation, because if the soil is not in condition it will affect the development of work in the future.

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By Catharine Bwana