Types of kitchen countertops: materials and prices

Choosing the best material for the kitchen countertop is a decision in which several factors must be taken into account.

We will have to think about the price, appearance and characteristics of the different materials to find the countertop that best suits what we are looking for.

I have put the price ranges of the different types of countertops, but beware, the prices are in € / linear meter, counting on the width of the countertop is about 65 cm.


Laminated countertop
  • Price: 15 – 30 €/m

It is a structure composed of chipboard that is covered with several sheets to have a surface on which to cook.

The sheets can have any design: from imitation of some material to a uniform color.

It is an economical and very versatile solution, since you will find a multitude of designs to choose from.


Wooden countertop
  • Beech: 60 – 120 €/meter
  • Bamboo: 100 – 150 €/meter
  • Oak: 120 – 180 €/meter
  • Walnut: 200 – 250 €/meter

Wood is a very warm and elegant material that can also be used for kitchen countertops.

In these cases it is essential that they have a series of materials, such as varnishes and oils, that protect it from stains and scratches.

Being a very porous material it is necessary to prevent the stains from penetrating, since otherwise it will cost a lot to remove them.


Microcement countertop
  • Price: 30 – 60 €/meter

Opting for a microcement countertop is betting on an industrial decoration in the kitchen.

It is about using the appearance of cement so that it is visible. Although it may seem a bit simple to expose the gray color of cement, the truth is that it is very fashionable and can fit perfectly in some homes.

But beware, when you have the account the price per linear meter it is about countertops that you are going to make yourself. If you are going to hire a professional the price will change, and it will be much higher.


Steel worktop
  • Price: 300 – 500 €/meter

Using stainless steel as a material for your kitchen countertop may be a bit surprising, but think that most restaurant kitchens are the ones they use.

It is a very resistant material with good hygienic properties. It is also very easy to clean.

It will also give a more industrial look to your kitchen, as happened with microcement.


Granite countertop
  • Price: 300 – 500 €/meter

Granite is a high-quality material that offers good resistance to scratching, high temperatures and impacts.

These good features are combined with the natural stone appearance that gives the kitchen a unique look.


Marble countertop
  • Price: 300 – 500 €/meter

Marble countertops are very similar to granite countertops in all respects. It is a very resistant material with a very natural appearance.

Having similar characteristics and being a type of rock we see that the price is very similar. The only difference is that, perhaps, marble is a little more elegant.


Quartz countertop
  • Price: 250 – 450 €/meter

We often find quartz countertops under the name Silestone. However, Silestone is the name of a brand that uses quartz as a material for its countertops, but there are more manufacturers that use it.

In this case what we have is a “mixture” of quartz particles with polyester resin. Thanks to this, a multitude of different finishes are obtained for the same material.

The only downside to marble and granite is that they do not withstand such high temperatures, but it has a great hardness.

Porcelain tiles

Porcelain countertops
  • Price: 300 – 500 €/meter

We finish our list with porcelain countertops. It is a very resistant material, both to high temperatures and to scratching and impacts.

It is not a material that is extracted directly from the earth, but is the result of a chemical process of dissolution and crystallization of ceramics with silicon particles.

This gives it exceptional characteristics for use in the kitchen.

With all this information you will be able to know among which materials your final decision will be found. Once you have them you can go to a store and look in person at the finishes and touch.

This way you will choose the perfect type of countertop for your kitchen and depending on the use you are going to give it.

You should also think about the rest of the materials you are going to have in the kitchen. For example, a metal sink is not the same as a marble sink. If you have this in mind you will know better what type of countertop to choose.

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By Catharine Bwana