Warm and cozy trend: the best bathrooms with timeless terracotta tiles

After searching different corners of the world for the different trends that will largely define the decorating trends of 2019 and specifically those of spring this year, we have found that there are some organic elements that are catching on with homeowners around the world. These include floral patterns, botanical prints, and even textures that give modern interiors a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. It is part of this growing love for classic and more nature-focused materials that has made terracotta tiles a wonderful comeback again. Previously considered rustic and exotic, they are finding space in contemporary homes with ease.

 Rustic and Spanish touches blended seamlessly into the bold bathroom [From: Rustico Tile and Stone] 

Terracotta tiles in the bathroom do much more than bring a different aesthetic value to the environment. They offer a durable, easy-to-maintain surface that stands the test of time and offers a natural non-slip surface. Unlike more polished stone finishes, terracotta tile floors provide elegance and a timeless style air and do so without costing a fortune. This is a look at the betting bathrooms with terracotta tiles

Anchoring the colorful bathroom

In a Mediterranean bath or an exotic Spanish Renaissance-style bathroom that boasts many colors and many designs, the soothing terracotta tiled floor can provide the perfect backdrop. Neutral and understated, terracotta tiles don’t get in the way of trying out bolder colors and match just about any style you have. Even if you choose to change the colors later, the tiles do not need to be modified at all and you can even extend them to the walls for a more charming bathroom.

 Rustic bathroom with Mediterranean appeal and magnificent use of terracotta tiles [From: Anna Addison Photography] Terracotta tiles bring warmth, colour and a classic appeal to the bathroom [From: Astleford Interiors] Eclectic mix of colour, pattern and texture in the lively little bathroom [From: Projects General Construction]  

A touch of modernity

Terracotta tiles do not have to be relegated to bathrooms that use only oriental, Mediterranean or Moroccan tiles. Even in the contemporary bathroom, terracotta tiles feel right at home and with a modern industrial-style bathroom, these tiles look even more apt. Stay away from mosaics with a bolder reddish tint and try mosaics in grayish tones to make sure they blend in with the color scheme of the room.

 Modern Cottage Bathroom with Terracotta Tile Floors [From: Mosaic del Sur] Perfect modern Mediterranean bathroom in white with terracotta  tiles Gold accents add sheen to the white bathroom with skylights and terracotta tiles [From: Arizona Designs Kitchens and Baths] 

Styles that transcend eras

You can mix different styles in the bathroom with ease using terracotta tiles as they act as a bridge between various elements and themes. Add in some houseplants, mark the beginning of metallic accents, and try a vintage element like the aged-finished vanity to create the bathroom of your dreams. Darker terracotta tiles can be used in the all-white bathroom to create contrast and with a beautiful white bathtub, the bathroom feels even more exquisite.

 Stunningly beautiful use of dark terracotta tiles in the bathroom [From: Signature Designs Kitchen Bath] Terracotta tiles and plastered walls bring old world Moroccan and Indian style to the bathroom [From: Maraya Interior Design]   Mediterranean style bedrooms in white and blue with terracotta flooring

Can you use terracotta in a bathroom?

Terracotta tiles can be sealed in bathroom areas to create a non-porous surface. For a warm surface under the feet, terracotta tiles can be used with underfloor heating mats. You can also use terracotta tiles on the bathroom walls, in the shower areas, and as a bathtub frame.

What colors go with terracotta in a bathroom

Terracotta plays well with the muted shades of white, cream, pink, red, mustard, green and cerulean blue.

Are terracotta tiles out of fashion?

Terracotta is back

“From the shades of baked clay that add warmth to any room to the earthy texture that is the perfect balance between tough and refined, it’s no wonder terracotta is an eternal trend. But with warm, nourishing colors and textures dominating 2021, terracotta tiles will soar through the roof.

Are terracotta tiles difficult to clean?

The big disadvantage of terracotta is the fact that it has no enamel on the surface and can collect and store dirt very quickly. We know the importance of taking care of your terracotta tile floor. The restoration and cleaning of terracotta tiles is an important aspect to maintain the natural shine of your floors.

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By Catharine Bwana