11 open wooden shelves that bring modularity and ease of decoration

Open shelving has long been a staple of the home library. But in recent years it has seen going beyond the confines of a home library or study and breaking conventions by adorning the living room and hallways alike. A large, open shelf adds ample display and storage space; uniting both elements in a perfect way. Add the charm and cozy warmth of wood and you have a winner! Contemporary wooden shelves are a far cry from their predecessors which were based on a heavy grain of wood and looked more cumbersome than convenient. Today, innovative design and new-age technology have seen a completely new army of wooden open shelves.

 Metal frame holds wooden boxes that create a cool display 

Open shelves in wood combine the contrast of textures and beauty with an aura of spaciousness that cabinets with doors simply lack. With many of these wall-mounted compositions offering flexibility and modular ease, you can actually start small and add more shelving units in the future. Depending on both your current needs and available space, these adaptable shelves evolve and shrink as well. Space-savvy, smart and modern, here’s a look at 11 fabulous shelving ideas

Metal and wood shelves

In a modern interior dominated by polished surfaces, handmade materials, finishes that feel inherently urban and cured, wood and metal automatically provide contrast both visually and texturally. The combination of wood with metal also opens up a whole new avenue of decorating styles ranging from rustic and farm to industrial and eclectic. Most often, it is steel or metal structure painted in black that is combined with wooden planks to create a sleek and modern open shelf. But follow a brighter path this summer with copper and brass combined with wood to create a striking, modern bookshelf.

 Modern industrial style open shelving in metal and wood.  The exclusive independent wooden and metal shelf brings a rustic touch to the house that takes up little space  Brass and copper metal flash along with the warmth of the wood to create a beautiful shelf

A long affair!

From those amazing open shelves we move on to the world of open floor-to-ceiling shelving that also seem to extend very often from wall to wall. A series of high open shelves in the background gives you a great opportunity to decorate in style and change the decorative pieces, colorful accents and even indoor plants on display with the seasons and changing trends. These large shelves often come with modular ease, allowing you to add new units over time and with changing needs. While some offer a sculptural finish, others seem to bring a touch of fantasy to the living room with their unique design.

 Modular box-style shelves bring ease of decoration to the living room and beyond  Series of tall and open wooden shelves for the living room and home  office The zigzag edge of the shelf gives it a touch of sculptural style.  Open floor-to-ceiling wooden shelves make a great visual statement

Adaptable Shelving for Small Spaces

Open shelves definitely trump enclosed wooden cabinets when it comes to giving a room that spacious, light-filled look. Open shelves reduce the visual fragmentation of the space and ensure that the small living room or dining room looks much larger than it actually is. But the real winner in this apartment is that smart, open wooden half-shelf used in an open living room or bedroom to outline the space while creating a beautiful, useful display. In tiny studio apartments and small townhouses, these practical shelves make a big difference in both aesthetics and ergonomics.

 Exquisite open wood shelf that suits a wide range of styles.  Discreet wooden shelf acts as a smart room divider in the small city  apartment The elegant lighter grain wood shelf is ideal for coastal and modern style interiors

What kind of wood do you use for open shelves?

The types of wood that work well in spaces like this are pine, poplar, alder, and hard walnut. For a more modern, classic, or contemporary look, opt for shelves with clean, straight edges and a softer grain, such as top alder, cherry, maple, white oak, or walnut.

Are open shelves out of fashion?

The trend of the kitchen with open shelves has been around for a few years, but seriously: it doesn’t seem to show signs of slowing down. While it’s certainly not a look that works for everyone, it could be a great option if you’re looking to inject a fresh, modern touch into your space.

Is it cheaper to buy shelves or build them?

Lower cost: In general, buying materials for your garage shelves should be cheaper than buying prefabricated; Just make sure you get everything right the first time. Tailor-made: Making your own allows you to build shelves that meet your exact needs.

Are floating shelves obsolete?

If you think floating shelves are an ephemeral fad, think again! Century-old homes have open shelves built into their kitchens to add style, ease, and functionality in kitchens around the world. So there you have it, while there are plenty of opinions about floating shelves, they’re not going anywhere!

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By Catharine Bwana