Summer is coming to an end, soon temperatures will begin to drop and cold days will come. Surely you are thinking that it is time tostart preparing for the season, do the purchase of firewood and most importantly: chimney sweep, a necessity to ensure the best performance when winter comes.


Do not wait to have here the cold days and be caught off guard without having chimney sweep with enough time to have it to the point of being able to be used and protect your home from low temperatures.

Chimney sweeping is a vital necessity to prevent risks that can cause fires or worse, damage our health.

But let’s expand a little more on the reasons why we should keep our fireplace always clean.

Reasons why we should chimney sweep

  • Health of our family and pets

A fireplace, with up-to-date chimney sweep and cleaning, can be used without risk to the health of our loved ones. Special attention should be taken in the chimney sweep of smoke evacuation ducts to avoid possible carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • Fire Safety

Chimney sweeping is a primary necessity in fire prevention. We know that any product we use as fuel, whether firewood, coal or pellets, in addition to generating toxic fumes, also leaves flammable waste deposits, which could obstruct the exit of smoke, can burn causing fires.

  • For cleaning and maintenance

Fireplaces are part of the functional and important equipment of our home. Whether they are made of masonry or the stove type installed inside our home, they must always be kept clean.

If your fireplace has been unused for a long time, you should make sure of the conditions it presents before turning it back on. Smoke outlet ducts can be obstructed, not only by residues left by the last combustion but by other factors that can cause the clogging.

Sometimes our chimney is very attractive for some birds and other animals that decide to mount their nests on the smoke evacuation ducts, blocking them. The removal of these nests is essential before they are used again.

Natural events such as rain, blizzards and tornadoes among others, can cause debris to fall into or on the ducts seriously damaging them.

  • Chimney performance

To achieve a high performance of your chimney it is necessary to chimney sweep and keep it without residues, or anything that prevents the correct ignition and combustion, or the exit of the smoke.

Operating optimally will allow your fireplace to generate continuous heat, not give off toxic fumes and its performance will translate into fuel savings and comfort and safety for your home.

  • Extend its useful life

Another case is common deterioration from use. What is not taken care of, is damaged and the important thing is to have the chimney operational for many years and ready for use as soon as we need it.

Frequently chimney sweeping is necessary to extend its useful life and save us higher expenses for more serious damages.


All equipment is exposed to damage, both manufacturing and installation. In the case of chimneys, the structure and ducts may malfunction that only by chimney sweeping can the source of the problem be detected and solved.

How is chimney sweep done?

Chimney sweeping is a necessity and you must bear in mind that it is a routine that must be fulfilled for the maintenance of it.

For this we exist professional companies with specialized equipment and tools that review all the equipment and structure and take care of the deep cleaning of your chimney, according to the steps described below:

  • Check and clean the smoke outlet tube

For this the chimney sweep will pass a special brush for the removal of soot and all undesirable residue. If the fireplace has been unused or maintained for a long time, the expert will use special products to leave it impeccable.

  • Revision and cleaning of structure

Once you make sure the tubes are perfectly clean, you will check the rest of the structure, walls and floor of the fireplace, cleaning and making sure there is no damage.

  • Revision and cleaning of accessories

If the fireplace has a glass door, the technician will disassemble it and clean it with special products to clean glass from chimneys or ovens. Likewise, depending on the type of equipment, it will check and clean burners, grids and all accessories.

The purpose of chimney sweep is to remove the obstructions that affect the proper functioning of our chimney and a specialized and responsible company will give you all the information you need to keep yours in perfect state of cleanliness.

Chimney sweeping is a must to provide our home with safe heating when the cold winter arrives. Nothing better than sitting comfortably, enjoying the warmth of the fireplace with your family.

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By Catharine Bwana