Enclosure of porches and terraces Aluminum, PVC or glass curtains?

When making the enclosure of porches and terraces it is very important to select well the materials that we are going to use, among which aluminum, PVC, glass curtains and wood stand out.

We are going to make an analysis first to understand the advantages of investing in a quality material, while we will know some of the particularities of each of them.

The importance of choosing a good material

When we are going to build an enclosure, regardless of whether we do it for a porch or a terrace, it is very important that we make sure we are using materials that guarantee good quality.

Keep in mind that a good material will have a much longer life, will be more resistant, more visually attractive and will also offer us better interior insulation, thus reducing the need for air conditioning and heating to achieve a pleasant environment.

The best materials to close terraces and porches

We can highlight four among the best materials for enclosures of porches and terraces, which are:

– Aluminium

One of the main advantages of aluminum enclosures for porches is their low weight and high resistance, which makes the installation more economical and faster. This avoids excessive loads at the same time, especially if the enclosure goes on a terrace or area that has to be supported by a slab.

In addition, it has a great adaptability to any space, being able to create completely customized shapes and add elements such as windows, achieving the necessary support.

However, it should be noted that it is a material that has a somewhat higher cost, and that in addition, to obtain good visual results, it is advisable to incorporate windows. This means that the investment can be somewhat higher, especially if we are in an area of strong cold or heat and need to install air-conditioned glass or double glass.

As for its resistance to wind and inclement weather, it is undoubtedly very good, which is a type of enclosure that is designed to withstand in perfect condition for many years.

Keep in mind that aluminum can have different finishes. That is, on the one hand there is the traditional white but it can also be found in other colors, or even with effects of wood and other materials.

Aluminium carpentry


Another material that can also be very interesting is polyvinyl chloride, a material that you will surely know more by the acronym PVC.

Surely you have noticed that PVC is used in the manufacture of many parts and elements both inside and outside, offering great resistance to the passage of time and inclement weather, including frost, temperature changes, direct sun, etc.

Well, in this case all these advantages are going to be transferred to the enclosure, with another addition that is the fact that, as with aluminum, its weight is minimal. It even comes to be below this, so the load is practically non-existent, being ideal for use in slabs and areas where you have to control the loads that are added.

Another point in favor of PVC is its price, since it is one of the materials that offers a better value for money given its resistance, aesthetics, durability and cost below other alternatives.

In the same way that happens with aluminum, PVC can be presented with different colors and with effects such as wood to enjoy a more cozy environment.

Enclosures of porches and terraces

– Glass curtains

This is the ideal enclosure for those who want to enjoy the best possible views, reducing the supports and elements that interrupt the correct visibility of the entire environment.

This type of curtains can be presented in different models, with a fantastic ability to adapt. In addition, it has an important advantage that is its aesthetics, giving an elegant touch at the same time modern to any terrace or porch.

Depending on the type of curtain we install, especially if we are looking for good resistance, it will involve a considerable load due to its high weight, a fact to take into account before its placement.

As for the price, it is not the cheapest solution precisely, but the truth is that the results are amazing and truly worth the investment, since its useful life is also very long.

Glass curtain enclosure

– Wood

Wood is another of the materials that we must analyze when building an enclosure of porches and terraces.

If you want to see some results in this link you have a few examples of wooden porches.

One of the main advantages of this material is its beauty, since it provides a very pleasant environment with a more natural touch.

The main drawback is that, being wood, it is important to perform regular maintenance to prevent deterioration over time. Although most of the woods used for the design of this type of exterior constructions have a high quality and high resistance, it is important to maintain minimal care.

Its weight is higher than PVC and aluminum, but it is not excessive, so it works well and does not usually present excessive load problems on the slab.

The installation process is also usually somewhat longer, but it has a fantastic adaptability to any type of structure you want to make.

Wooden enclosures

We have already reviewed the four materials you can use to close your porch or terrace. Now you just have to think about what characteristics interest you most to decide on one or the other.

In any case, closing your terrace or the porch of your house will be a great improvement. You will use this space more, since you can do it both in summer and winter.

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By Catharine Bwana