Demolition price per m2: how much does it cost to throw a partition

Many times we launch into making reform plans in our home but we find it difficult to calculate costs. If you plan to throw a partition from your house you will like to know how much it will cost you.

Well, so you can get an idea, we have gathered the average price per m2 of the different types of partitions. This way you will know the expense involved in this type of work in your home.

What it takes to tear down a wall

Since it is not only the process of tearing down the wall, I summarize the main points of the demolition of a partition. You should keep this in mind.


Although it is a simple job, it will be necessary to request a minor building license from the town hall. It is also advisable to notify the rest of the neighbors and comply with the noise schedules.

When hiring a company, she will be in charge of carrying out the procedures with the city council.

Removing windows

If the wall to be demolished has a window, the leaves will have to be removed and the frame removed. It is a job that will delay the start of the work.

Debris removal

The debris generated after a demolition will reach a considerable volume. Within this type of work, the removal of debris is contemplated as part of the budget.

Container rental

When the debris cannot be moved in a vehicle, it will be necessary to rent a container and place it at street level. To do this, you have to request permission from the town hall and pay the rental fee.


It will be necessary to remove both the smaller waste and all the dust generated. For this, a game will have to be allocated to the cleaning process after the work.

Price per m2 of the different materials

Since not all walls are the same, prices will vary depending on the situation. So that you can get a general idea I have prepared this table with the approximate prices for the demolition of walls.

Wall type Price
Hollow brick 6 €/m2
Solid brick 7,50 €/m2
Pladur 6 €/m2
Concrete 16 €/m2
Unarmored crystal 6 €/m2
Crystal with armor 10 €/m2

You should keep in mind that these prices are indicative. Each company will have its own rates and each case will be different.

A wall with a window will not be the same as one without it. You should also count on that, the smaller the wall size, the higher the price per square meter.

Think that there are some expenses that are fixed (container rental, present building license …), so they will increase the price of m2 if the surface is small.

In short, this table will help you get an idea of what you will have to invest to tear down the partition.

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How much does it cost to throw a partition

Types of partitions that we can find

Since not all walls are the same, I have differentiated 3 types of partitions that you will find in your home.

Single partition

It will be the most common situation and to which the prices of the table in the previous section apply. In the houses there are several walls that act simply as a separation of the different rooms of the house.

Load-bearing wall

In every house there are certain walls that act as fundamental elements of the structure of the house. They are called load-bearing walls, and they receive this name because they are responsible for supporting the weight of everything on them.

They are fundamental walls and should not be touched. However, an architect will be able to assess whether a hole can be opened in them and how it should be done. In these cases the price of the reform will be higher.

Partition with plumbing or electrical circuit

There is a situation that you should count on: that the wall you want to throw has pipes of the water or heating circuit.

This will be an inconvenience, since it will no longer be a relatively simple job. You will have to ask the reform company about the different possibilities depending on the house.

They can also have electric power cables, but in this case the solution is much simpler. These cables are easy to remove and redistribute throughout the rest of the house.

How to calculate the m2 of a partition

Obtaining the square meters of a wall is simple, but we do not always have the necessary tools to take the measurements.

The calculation is simple: multiply the length of the wall by the height of the ceiling. If the wall measures 4 meters and the ceiling is at a height of 2.5 meters, the surface will be 10 m (2.5 x 4 = 10).

But if you do not have a meter to measure you can do the following exercise. To measure the length count the steps. You must take more or less large strides (without exaggeration) and count on each step is one meter.

For the height it will be enough to take the typical value. The normal thing is that the height of the ceilings in Spain is 2.5 meters. However, your house may be higher, so you will have to adjust this value.

When you have it you can calculate the square meters of wall you want to tear down and calculate the cost with the table that we have provided in this post.

How much does it cost to throw down a wall

How long does it take to tear down a wall?

This reform is somewhat annoying, since it generates noise and dust, so you will surely be interested to know how long it will take.

I am sorry to tell you that there is no universal figure, since it will depend on the following factors:

  • The size and resources of the company: A company with more resources will be able to offer better times for larger jobs. Keep in mind that the more employees and resources you have, the faster you can carry out the reform.
  • The surface: if the reform involves the demolition of large surfaces it will need more time. Companies offer good estimates once they have seen the wall, since based on their experience they know the type of difficulties that can be encountered.
  • The type of wall – a simple partition in a house without problems in its structure will break much faster than a load-bearing wall or another type of construction such as brick walls. Giving this information is essential, since a brick wall will not be the same as a plasterboard wall.

How do you know if you can throw a partition?

There are many situations in which a hole can be opened in the wall, but unfortunately it is not always possible. It all depends on the specific conditions of your home, so it is very important to take these two elements into account.

  • The structure of the wall: If it is only plasterboard or brick demolition should not be difficult. On the other hand, if the partition has concrete reinforcement bars or construction beams it can be more complicated. In these cases it may not be possible to knock down the wall.
  • Load-bearing walls: getting rid of these walls means opening gaps in the rest of the load-bearing structure of the house. The reform team must first analyze what may happen before starting work. And this analysis involves time and, therefore, money.

You should also be careful if the wall you want to tear down is a party wall.

The price of demolition per m2 can be difficult to determine, but with the calculator that we offer you in this post you can estimate the cost quickly.

And if you want here you can get real budgets.

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It’s important not to let concerns about high prices deter you from undertaking the renovations needed to improve your home. It is an investment to improve the place where you will live for many years.

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By Catharine Bwana