How to choose a porcelain floor imitation wood

Porcelain floors and their ability to imitate different finishes are often talked about today.

One of its most popular imitations is that of wooden flooring, since it allows people to introduce warmth and sophistication into their home without having to apply the rigorous maintenance required by natural wood.

What is a porcelain floor imitation wood

A porcelain floor consists of a ceramic made with hard paste, which is compact and not very porous. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, as it does not absorb moisture. In other words, it is a resistant material that adapts to any area of the house.

Likewise, its name “porcelain” refers to the characteristic elegance of ceramics and its high quality finish; In addition, its name is also due to the fact that this material is made from kaolin, a white clay component that is used to make porcelain objects.

It is worth noting that porcelain flooring is used to replace different finishes, in this case to imitate the texture and warmth of wood. This variation of floor has been very successful because wood is a classic that never loses validity, but in its original state it is complex to maintain and clean.

Advantages of porcelain flooring

Easy to clean

One of the main characteristics of porcelain flooring is that it can be cleaned very easily; It does not require any special treatment and you do not need to apply varnish, as with natural wood. You can clean it with conventional household cleaning products.

Durable and durable

This material resists shocks, scratches and generally withstands the wear that happens due to continuous use and the passage of time. This is an advantage over conventional wood, since it is very delicate and wears easily with the transit of people.

Consequently, porcelain flooring is very durable: as long as you put it to proper use, it can last for many years.

Combinable and adaptable

You can find many porcelain floor finishes that imitate wood and even another type of material. For this reason, they are easy to adapt to any environment and combine with all types of furniture.

For example, you can get an option that imitates a darker wood for the exterior of the house, or a wood with light and defined grains for the interior.

Resist temperature changes

Porcelain floors resist sudden changes in temperature, so they are ideal in case you have heating or air conditioning in the home. In fact, this material has a high thermal conductivity that helps maintain the desired temperature in the house.

How to choose the best soil

If you do not know very well which porcelain floor to choose here you have several points in which you should look to get your purchase right.

1. According to the appearance

As mentioned above, you can find different types of porcelain floors that imitate different varieties of wood. For example, there are imitations with lighter tones that simulate the appearance of pine, while darker ones resemble mahogany. You can also find different varieties of veins and finishes.

Nowadays it has been achieved that porcelain floors can emulate the textures of other materials, which makes it look like real wood when it comes to this imitation. This means that, if you touch the ground, you can feel different reliefs and roughness.

With this in mind, you should choose the variety that best suits the decorative style you would like to have. For example: if you want to get a minimalist and modern look in your home, it is recommended to choose a light shade that imitates pine. It is worth noting that these colors are adapted to furniture with light colors and simple lines.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more industrial or formal approach, dark tones are more recommended. These combine perfectly with leather upholstery furniture and robust lines; You can also choose simpler furniture that contrasts with the veins of the floor.

2. Is it non-slip?

In case you are looking for security and functionality, it is recommended that you check if the porcelain floor of your preference is non-slip.

This aspect is very important, especially if you place the material in areas such as the bathroom, kitchen or outdoors. Luckily, there are many textures of porcelain floors that prevent slipping.

3. Variety of finishes: matt or gloss

You can find four main finishes within imitation wood floors:

  • Natural finish: it is the most common and is characterized by highlighting the purity of colors and veins. This will allow you to give a laughing and organic touch to your home.
  • Matte polishing: it is a much softer and more sober finish, ideal for creating an elegant and quiet space.
  • Glossy: a glossy finish will give you that unique feeling that varnished wood gives us. With this style you can get a refreshing and frugal effect.
  • Aged effect: this design seeks to create a rustic and country atmosphere, where the small imperfections and characteristic details of natural wood are highlighted.

Examples of homes with imitation wood floors

So that you can clearly see how a house with this type of floors can look here are a few photographs with which to inspire you.

Where can we place our imitation porcelain flooring?

The truth is that porcelain flooring adapts to all decorative styles and the different rooms of the house. It is usually used mainly in the following areas:

Hall and living room

It is usual that we find this material both in the hall and in the living room, as they are very busy areas of the home where visitors are usually received. Porcelain flooring is ideal for making a good first impression, especially if it is an imitation of wood. By placing this material in these rooms you will give your home an elegant, fresh and very modern touch.


Its non-slip properties make it the ideal choice for bathrooms. In addition, placing this material in this room guarantees that you will not have moisture problems, which does not happen with traditional wood.


Kitchens with wooden floors never go out of style and now you have the advantage of having a floor with this aspect without having the problems associated with wood. With the porcelain material you will have an elegant and sophisticated kitchen without having problems with humidity and possible scratches.


Bedrooms with wooden floors are very popular because this material is associated with peaceful and natural environments, ideal for relaxing and sleeping. From porcelain flooring you can recreate this character of tranquility for a much more accessible price.

Porcelain flooring that imitates wood has many advantages, among which its strength and durability stand out. It is certainly a highly recommended option if you are looking for functionality and elegance for a fair price

Maintenance tips

Due to its composition, this material is very easy to care for and maintain. However, it never hurts to take some precautions. Among them we can mention that, once the floor is installed, you should wait at least five or six days before performing the first cleaning.

Similarly, when this period has elapsed, we must carefully collect the remains of cement or debris that have remained after installation. Subsequently, the first mop is made.

After this initial cleaning we should not worry much about maintenance; We just have to do the necessary cleanings according to our domestic habits. You do not need any special product for this and waxes or brighteners should not be applied either.

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By Catharine Bwana