How to Clean and Disinfect a Hot Tub

The cleanliness of hot tubs is one of the most important issues in the use of hot tubs. Because it ensures that the use of the jacuzzi is hygienic and that the jacuzzis are cleaned regularly. Regular cleaning of the jacuzzi also prevents the formation of stains in the jacuzzi and ensures that they are used for longer.

When should the jacuzzi be cleaned?

Frequent cleaning of the hot tub will ensure that the cleaning process is completed in less time. In addition, you can be sure that the jacuzzi is always hygienic. It is the implementation of the jacuzzi cleaning routines recommended by experts once a week. This prevents the accumulation of shampoo, soap or leather in the parts of the jacuzzi such as pipes and motors. The accumulation of soap and shampoo on the skin, in addition to causing the growth of bacteria, also prevents you from washing in a hygienic environment. After each enjoyment of the jacuzzi, the water should not be made to wait. Otherwise, as the environment will remain moist, mold formation may occur. To prevent mold from forming, water should be drained and soap residues rinsed after each use.

What are the jacuzzis cleaned with?

In addition to the frequency of cleaning the jacuzzi, the detergents used in cleaning should be correctly chosen. Because the detergents used not only serve to clean the inside of the jacuzzi, but also to clean the engine and its parts. For this, the most effective material to use in the cleaning of jacuzzis is the jacuzzi cleaner. These cleaners, specially developed for hot tubs, provide effective cleaning of both engines and pipes. If you have a hot tub cleaner on hand. If it is not available, you can use a mixture of bleach and dishwashing liquid for effective cleaning of hot tubs. This mixture not only removes dirt from the engine and components, but also ensures disinfection of the environment. If you are one of those who do not use detergents, then you can also clean the jacuzzi with natural methods. However, if you use these natural methods, your waiting time will be longer and you will need to perform more washes. The most commonly used natural materials for cleaning hot tubs include vinegar and baking soda.

Stages of cleaning the jacuzzi

Cleaning the hot tub starts with cleaning the boat first. To do this, you can use the cleaners produced especially for hot tubs, as well as other cleaner options. However, at this stage, one of the most important points to consider is that the cleaning products and sponges used should not damage the hot tub material. For this it is necessary to know the characteristics of both the boat and the rest of the components. After the boat has been rubbed in detail, it should be rinsed so that no traces of detergent remain. In this way, the cleaning of the jacuzzi can be passed to the second stage. The second stage of cleaning the jacuzzi is cleaning the internal parts of the jacuzzi. For this, the filter must first be removed and cleaned. Subsequently, if the engine can slip out, it should be removed from the engine and kept in water with detergent for 20 minutes, then rinsed and replaced. Finally, to clean the water pipes, the jacuzzi must be filled and detergent added to it and it must be operated in this way. As the water circulates, it will also clean any remaining dirt deposits on the pipes. Jacuzzi cleaning The last step is the rinsing phase. This step must also be applied meticulously. Otherwise, detergent residues will remain in the pipes or inside the jacuzzi, threatening health. For the rinsing process, the hot tub must be filled and run several times. Then the water should be drained and continue this process until no detergent residue remains.

How to clean water stains in hot tubs?

The most problematic point for jacuzzi users is water stains in hot tubs. To eliminate the problem of water stains from the jacuzzi, first of all, protective measures should be taken. Therefore, after each enjoyment of the jacuzzi, it is essential that the water is drained and rinsed without waiting. In addition, drying the jacuzzi after use will prevent the formation of water stains. If the hot tub has a water stain problem, then you can use detergents with a descaling effect to fix this problem. However, the important point here is that these detergents and the sponges used do not damage the jacuzzi.

How to disinfect the jacuzzi?

Although cleaning the jacuzzi is a big step towards a more hygienic environment of hot tubs, you can create a pleasant environment for your children to use safely, thanks to its periodic disinfection. The first point to consider for the disinfection of the jacuzzi is the jacuzzi filter. Because the dirt that accumulates here causes both bacteria and odor. After cleaning the filters, each area of the hot tub should be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant sprays.

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By Catharine Bwana