Bad odors in kitchens and bathrooms are a common nuisance that afflicts many homes and can cause uncomfortable situations in the community of neighbors, in addition to being a very unpleasant situation for those who suffer it.

As we receive many inquiries on this topic, in our post today we wanted to collect some that exemplify the most common problems of odors in homes.

We hope they help you know what to do if you have a bad smell in the bathroom or kitchen.

• Do you have a problem with bad odors in the kitchen or bathroom?

Being in the bathroom and noticing a fritanga smell that we do not know where it comes from, feeling smoke in the kitchen when we are not using it, noticing external odors through the bathroom and kitchen grilles … They are problems derived from smoke vents and ventilation shunts that occur constantly in neighboring communities.

And they are usually generated by the lack of maintenance and cleaning of community shunts.

This can cause problems of coexistence among neighbors, discomfort to those who suffer and above all many doubts about what to do to avoid them.

bad smells in the house
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• Most common odor problems in the bathroom and kitchen and solutions

– In my kitchen every day at lunchtime and dinner I lower or raise the smells of my neighbors, there is a solution other than turning on my extractor, because if I am not on arrival the smell is found all over the floor?

Most likely, the community installation has a defect in the ventilation shunt.

To discover what there is, an endoscopic camera inspection is done with which we see what is in the duct and discover the defect it has. Once the problem is located in the ventilation shunt we proceed to fix it and the odors will disappear.

– Every time my neighbor cooks, the smoke comes out of the halogens that give my bathroom that is next to her kitchen, she tells me that her insurance dismantled the hood and I had no problem, but I still get the smoke … It may be that the revision of your hood was correct and that the problem is not there.

Most smoke filtration problems have an origin in the ventilation shunt and not in the appliances that are doing their job well expelling the fumes out of their neighbor’s kitchen and that is when they reach the ventilation ducts when they do not follow the correct path.

A camera inspection will allow you to see where it may be causing the smoke leak and correct what is wrong.

-I have an interior bathroom, without windows, but with an exit through the ceiling. However, every time we shower an incredible amount of steam and humidity is generated that lasts for hours with the consequent smell of humidity in towels etc … So I suspect that this extractor is not performing its function properly.

Effectively your extractor is not working well.

These devices are designed for blocks of buildings where the bathrooms are built on top of each other and do not have windows, so there is no natural ventilation.

Thanks to the ventilation shunts, bad odors are eliminated from these rooms. Surely yours is clogged and needs cleaning.

It is common for obstructions generated by accumulated waste to occur, which will generate poor suction and consequently poor ventilation. A cleanup should fix the problem.

– My neighbor renovated his kitchen and changed the extractor hood he had for another and connected the smoke outlet to the ventilation shunt that runs inside the kitchen wall. Every time I connect it, I fill the kitchen with bad smells and some smoke. Can the exhaust hood outlet be legally connected to the ventilation shunt?

The smoke outlet of the kitchen hood must be connected to the shunt provided for it.

It is generally a common conduit of 20x20cm to which the hood is connected through a vertical parallel individual duct of 10x20cm, in this way the fumes expelled with force rise through a separate conduit, in parallel until about 2 to 3 meters they join the 20?20 in the same direction of the general flow.

This prevents downward plaster and upward turbulence.

Most likely, the neighbor has connected directly to the 20×20 also horizontally, thus generating plaster problems towards your house.

A camera inspection could show us how the connections are and, if they are incorrect, change them to avoid the problem of bad odors and smoke in your kitchen.

– When I cook, despite having the bell on, my neighbor downstairs gets all the smells. The appliances have been checked, my installation, but the problem of bad odors persists, what can it be due to?

I understand from what you say that your installation is correct and your hood clean.

The extractor hood is one of the most important elements in a kitchen, we must keep it without grease and with clean ducts to optimize its operation

If this part and the installation has already been verified, surely the problem is caused by the community ventilation shunt.

There are different causes that can affect the operation of ventilation shunts: obstruction generated by accumulated waste, fan breakdowns, poor suction…

Surely a cleaning of the community shunt will be necessary. It would then be the responsibility of the Community of owners. With a review through a camera we can make a diagnosis and make a report to determine the possible solutions.

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By Catharine Bwana