How to decorate the living room of your house: 7 keys to keep in mind

Are you thinking of decorating your living room? These useful tips will help you turn the living room of your house into an oasis of style and rest.

When we are going to decorate our home sometimes we are paralyzed by so many available options, so it is convenient to have a few guidelines to follow.

Remember that if you need to buy elements to decorate your home you can look for them on the web, they have comparisons of everything you may need!

Now, let’s go with the tips.

1. Let your furniture breathe

Leave space between the furniture, so that you can move comfortably between them (if you can, try to separate the sofa from the wall a little and you will see how it changes).

Also, think about it. Do you still need the Encyclopedia Salvat? Or that magazine rack crammed with Sunday supplements you haven’t read for centuries? It’s time to get rid of everything that you’ve been pretending for years doesn’t exist and is only an obstacle.

There are tricks that serve to give an impression of lightness to heavy parts. Thin-legged furniture and floating shelves achieve this effect because they free up the space around the feet and reveal the floor.

Filling the surfaces with decorative objects is also not a good idea, as it gives a feeling of clutter. A few well-selected pieces can dress a bookshelf elegantly.

Separate furniture from walls

2. Choose a harmonious palette

After getting rid of everything that does not bring us happiness, as dictated by the KonMari method, it is time to wash the face of the rest. Bet on light colors for furniture and walls, which enlarge the space and reflect light.

Get inspired by the view offered by your windows to choose the rest of the colors: if you live in the city you will see reflective surfaces, gray, lead blue and metallic. In the brick neighborhoods we will introduce warm colors such as sienna or terracotta, incorporating touches of green and shades of gray. This play of textures and colors helps to blend the interior with the exterior, opening the space.

You can add bold accent colors in details such as cushions, candle holders, side tables, etc. There is a rule that you can follow when deciding the proportion in which your colors will appear: 60/30/10. 60 for light colors, 30 for midtones and 10 for dark or eye-catching ones.

Light colors in the decoration

3. Recycle or bounce

Looking around the planet when renovating the living room never gets in the way. And if we do not have a large budget, paint and vinyl can be our allies when it comes to giving our old furniture a second life.

For the dark and bulky, but of noble woods, like those of the 80s, we can sand them thoroughly and paint them in more graceful tones, so they do not lose value and are still present in our lives. If we replace the door panels with wicker or rattan grilles we will obtain a result of the most chic and light.

If, on the other hand, we have cheap furniture, we can give them a new air with imitation wood adhesive vinyls; Interspersing the colors and placing them in herringbone will seem that we have a design piece.

Recycle furniture

4. Open the living room to the outside

We have talked about how incorporating elements of the exterior to our living room can bring harmony and a sense of continuity, but what if we made the exterior part of our living room?

We can achieve this by clearing the access area to windows and balconies, leaving it free so that the view can be lost beyond.

If you have a terrace or garden, the ideal is to furnish it using a palette similar to that of the living room, and place union elements, such as planters with plants that remind us of those we have outside.

Open to the living room to the outside

5. Smart Storage

In almost all houses we miss some extra wardrobe, but tranquility, that modernizing the living room is not incompatible with preserving our precious storage space. You just have to furnish with ingenuity.

For example, using ottomans with lids to store blankets, which in turn serve as a coffee table or extra seat. A shelf placed horizontally offers the same storage space as vertically, and without being a hindrance, and spaces that seem useless (openings, setbacks, niches …) become functional by placing custom shelves.

Smart storage for the living room

6. Light as an ally

The atmosphere of the lounge must be welcoming and indulgent. Come on, sofa, blanket and movie (we cry a little when we see a room lit like a morgue).

To achieve this effect it is best to place a floor lamp with a steerable arm and a pair of auxiliary lights with intensity regulator. With wall sconces installed on both sides of a sofa we will obtain a symmetrical detail to balance an otherwise very “home living” space.

Natural light is appreciated, so by placing blinds we will have as much (or as little) as we want.

7. Incorporate natural elements

Plants do us a great favor, since they revitalize any space and make us an unsuspected company. Place them in modern planters, on a stool or hanging from the ceiling, and you have an instant style boost.

Other elements that provide character can be leather or natural stone handles, or bare wood surfaces in toasted tones that add warmth and a pleasant alpine touch.

Fibers such as cotton, sisal, or linen, provide that homely and comfortable touch that we need so much when we get home.

Incorporate plants to the decoration

Above all, remember that your living room is your refuge, and more so in these aberrant pandemic times. So let yourself go and decorate it as you find it most inspiring, and we promise that the result will be what you are looking for.

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By Catharine Bwana