Kitchen islands, with vitro and sink?

Do you want to have a kitchen island with ceramic hob and sink? Before embarking on the reform of your kitchen, think carefully if this is the distribution you really want.

Having an island kitchen is a fantastic option for those who like to cook and spend time in it, but it is not worth any distribution. Analyze the following aspects well to know if this type of island is what you need.

Does the island have to have a ceramic hob?

Placing the fires or the ceramic hob on the island entails a series of drawbacks that you should take into account:

–Kitchen hood

The main drawback of placing an island with ceramic hob is that you will have to move the extractor hood.

All the fumes that are generated while cooking must be collected by a hood, and having the fires on an island will force us to place the hood in the center of the kitchen.

This will involve removing the old bell and putting a new one. In this image you can see a kitchen with island that incorporates ceramic hob. From the ceiling hangs the extractor hood.

On the other hand, placing the ceramic hob in this place has a great advantage: you will avoid being with your back to the rest of the kitchen.

This may seem unimportant, but if you are with more people while cooking you can be facing each other. By having the vitro on the island you can cook while talking to another person who is sitting on a stool.

This is ideal if you usually have company while preparing food.

– Oil stains

When the vitro is attached to the wall and you cook something with oil it is the wall itself that prevents stains from jumping throughout the kitchen.

When you finish cooking, it will be enough to pass a cloth on the wall the rest of the countertop. But when the ceramic hob is on the island this changes.

The oil or sauces will jump out of the pan and end up all over the kitchen. If you do not usually stain a lot when cooking this problem will be less, but you must take it into account.

Where should the sink go in an island kitchen?

Having the sink on the island does not have the problems of the ceramic hob, although you should count on the fact that when you wash a dish you will wet the surface of the island.

This is not as important as oil splashes, but think that if there is someone eating while you scrub you can get wet.

It is very common to place the sink on the island, but it is not mandatory. There are kitchens with island that include sink and kitchens with a totally clear island.

The decision will be a matter of taste. What you should know is that if you decide on an island with a sink, you will have to place a water intake in the center of the kitchen.

And if you want to go a step further in decoration, I recommend you take a look at the marble sinks.

Images of kitchen islands with vitro and sink

Here you can see a couple of kitchens with islands that incorporate the vitro and the sink.

In these cases these are kitchens that have not installed an extractor hood. In your case you must take into account this element, since it is quite advisable to place a bell.

Now that you have seen the inconveniences of placing the ceramic hob and sink on the island you must make your decision.

Depending on the use you want to give to the island, one design or another will compensate you more.

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By Catharine Bwana