How to fix a large hole in a wooden door

Don’t worry, fixing a big hole in a wooden door is not a very complicated task. You just need the right material.

Sometimes, whether by an accidental or voluntary blow, a wooden door is damaged, and the damage is too visible.

Whether your door is hollow or solid wood we will see the necessary steps to cover and hide that hole.

Fix a solid wood door

Doors can be manufactured in many different ways, but if the door is consistent it is most likely solid wood.

In these cases the holes are usually not very large, so the process to repair it is different from that of a hollow door. Let’s take a look.

Fix hole in solid wood door

– Necessary material

Before you start repairing, make sure you’ve gathered the following:

  • Moldable paste
  • Spatula
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint or varnish


To cover the hole in a door built of solid wood you will need an adhesive putty. It is a paste that you must mold with your fingers.

It is sold in bars and you will have to cut the necessary amount with a cutter. When you have it you must knead it with your fingers so that little by little it softens.

It is a very dense mass that perfectly covers these holes. When it is already quite moldable you must fill the hole in the wood.

Press to insert it throughout the hole and finish smoothing the surface with the help of a spatula. Make several passes pressing to fill the hole well.

This paste hardens after 5 minutes, so it should not take long to apply it. However, you must wait 24 hours for it to reach the hardestness.

After this time equalize the surface with sandpaper. Start with a coarse-grained one and finish with a fine-grained one.

When you notice that the surface has completely equalized you can paint or sand it. It will depend on the finish you want for the door.

Fixing a hole in a hollow door

There are doors whose interior is hollow. It consists of strips of cardboard placed perpendicularly that help give it consistency.

They are interior doors and very light. The problem is that they are tremendously fragile. A simple blow (punch, kick, shoulder blow…) will open a considerable hole.

Fix door hole

– Necessary material

For this case you will need the following material:


The first thing you should do is remove the piece of the door that has been detached. Sand the edges so they are rounded.

Once you have cleaned the hole, it is time to apply the expansive foam. Be very careful, as polyurethane foam expands for a few minutes. Don’t try to fill in the gap first.

Polyurethane foam

After about 10 minutes you will have to trim the excess foam. With the help of a cutter flush with the door.

If necessary, remove the blade from the cutter and use it by resting it on the surface of the door.

Trim the surplus

When you confirm that it is already dry and is not expanding further, apply the putty. This putty is different from moldable paste in that it is more liquid and therefore easier to apply.

The putty of the Aguaplast brand is well known, which is used to cover and smooth cracks. It will work perfectly, but the most normal thing is that it is white.

Look for a shade as close as possible to that of your door and apply the dough. Spread it with the help of the spatula and let it dry completely.

Once dry, sand the entire surface to equalize the surface. It is normal for the affected area to be noticed, so it is advisable to paint the door completely.

Unplug it from the hinges and rest it on a table to paint it. Once the paint dries you can put it back on.

Repair a hole in a door

All these materials can be easily found online or in physical DIY stores. You will not need a large investment, but if you want to completely hide the damage I recommend that you have to buy paint.

Take advantage of this arrangement to give a new look to that door of your house. Who knows, maybe you dare and end up painting the rest of the doors!

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By Catharine Bwana