How to illuminate a room without windows

The rooms without windows may need a large dose of ideas so that their lighting makes us forget that it has no natural light from the outside. Although it seems that it is a difficult task, the truth is that there are ideas and solutions that are very effective to illuminate closed spaces without windows.

In this post we will discover some of the most interesting ideas to illuminate a room without windows, such as the following:

Different types of lamps

The living room will be used at different times of the day and night and, for each of those moments, we will need a different type of lighting to create a suitable environment. The ideal is to opt for ceiling lamps to use at night, when the need for artificial light is greatest.

For the mornings we can use wall sconces, which are very practical and emit light in a pleasant and soft way. And for noon nothing better than a table or floor lamp to create an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility for that time of day.

Different types of lamps

Color temperature

The color temperature of the light is another aspect to take into account, because we need artificial lighting to resemble natural light as much as possible.

For the ceiling lamp the best is a cold white light, for the wall lamps that we will use in the morning we will use warm white light and for table or floor lamps a neutral white light is the best option.

Color temperature

Indirect light or direct light

If we install spotlights on the ceiling, it is best that they emit light diffusely and indirectly to create a feeling of natural lighting throughout the room. To do this we will place the ceiling spotlights in the lateral areas and not in the center of the room.

In the same way we will use indirect light in the wall sconces or in the ceiling lamp, being able to opt for a more direct light in the floor lamps.

To find all the necessary lamps I recommend that you visit an online lighting store. A good example is that, despite having products of all kinds for the home, its lighting section is quite wide.

Wall sconces for the home

Bet on light colors

Floors, walls and furniture in light tones are the best solution for the lack of natural light. In this way we will provide the clarity that the space needs.

Do not forget thatthe white color reflects artificial light better and therefore we will get more brightness in the room even if we do not have windows. Should we have everything absolutely white? Not strictly, since you can introduce other light colors.

Light colors

Down doors and partitions

When we do not have windows and natural light entering the living room we must do everything possible to create an open space. Removing doors and tearing down partitions that prevent the access of natural light to the living room can be a great solution.

The room will look wider and will enter even a little light from other rooms that do have windows. Creating a kitchen-living room space is the most common.

Open kitchen

Use of mirrors

The use of mirrors will help us create the feeling that the room is larger and brighter. We can place mirrors of different sizes on the walls playing with the decoration to create a feeling of more open and illuminated space.

If we combine the mirrors with minimalist design furniture, the result is much better. Mirrors reflect artificial light sources to create a brighter and brighter space.

Place a mirror

Use of plants

Plants will help us create the feeling of greater illumination in an enclosed space without windows. We can place different pots with green plants in the different corners of the room, which will help us create a feeling of closeness to the outside that evades us from the closed space without windows.

In addition, the contrast of the green plants with the white of the walls and furniture will give us a very interesting decorative touch.

Decorate with plants

Installation of false windows

The installation in the place where before there was a partition of a false window can be a very interesting solution. They will not bring us natural light, but they create a feeling of very pleasant open space.

It also allows light to pass from a room or kitchen to the living room allowing both spaces to be communicated. A very recurrent decorative element to give an alternative touch to a living room without windows.

False window

Other solutions to bring a touch of light to a living room without windows can be the use of minimalist style furniture in light colors that reflect artificial light throughout the room or place windows on the ceiling in case of living in an independent house without neighbors on the top floor. If you follow all these tips to the letter you will forget that your living room has no windows.

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By Catharine Bwana