Ash is that interesting organic element that remains in the fireplace after ignition and that has multiple unknown uses. Do you want to know them?

There is nothing better than the heat of the fireplace, turn it on and enjoy the warm feeling it generates, but then it is time to clean it and throw the ash, a roll.

How? Throw it away? No!

There are multiple ways to use this ecological waste in the home. In the cleaning of utensils, to give shine to silver or as fertilizer, among others. And it is also a product that we have for free, what more can you ask for?



One of the main elements of ash is potash, which is very useful for removing stains and as a degreaser.

If you have a casserole that has been very dirty after a family banquet, try it. Immerse it in a mixture of water with several tablespoons of ash for thirty minutes. Then rinse normally and you will notice that it looks shiny.

In the usual washing of dishes you can use if you need to remove excess grease. Ash is excellent as a degreaserbut it has no antibacterial properties, for which you need to use dishwashers.

• Cleaning of glassware and mirrors and silver objects

Making the mirrors and crystals look bright and shiny is very simple and you can take advantage of the ashes that remain from the fireplace.

You should only moisten a cloth or sheets of newspaper with cold and well sifted ashes and rub the glassware or mirrors.

In this case the fundamental key is to dry them very well at the end, to obtain the expected result. In the case of silver objects, apply a paste formed with ashes and water and apply it abundantly on the materials to be cleaned and then you should only polish gently using a cloth.

Moreover, it is very effective for cleaning the crystals of the fireplace. In this case to remove the remains of soot you must rub several times with a sponge and the ash previously moistened and all the residues stuck in the chimney are permanently eliminated.

Forget about chemical and environmentally friendly cleaning products and switch to natural window cleaners!

• Stain remover on floors and furniture

If you want to clean the floors or stains on the furniture form a paste with ash and water, proceed to apply them on the floors and then remove with plenty of water.

It is a natural stain remover that is not aggressive against floors like other detergents.

• Detergent

For decades, ashes have been used for washing clothes and most soaps are made in a combination of animal fat and ashes.

It is currently used as an aid to enhance the effect of detergent by adding two tablespoons to the usual detergent in case you need to wash very dirty clothes.

Another very effective modality is to soak clothes in water basins to which a cup of ashes is added.

On the other hand, in all cases it is necessary to check that the ashes to be used are not chestnut or holm oak because they contain an element that can stain clothes.

• Environmental deodorant

Ashes have the property of absorbing bad odors at home if you place a handful in small wrappers inside shelves and cabinets.

In the fridge neutralize odors by placing in a small container a handful of ashes along with a slightly larger piece of coal.

Being a natural element is harmless to use in pets. In this case, to eliminate the bad smell of pets, rub a little ash on the pet’s hair, in the sandbox or on their beds.

In pets it is also very efficient when rubbing it on their fur to scare away ticks that transmit so many diseases that can be serious.

• Natural humidifier

To control humidity in the environment, place containers filled with ash in the corners or in the humid areas of the house. In this case the ashes act as a natural humidifier, absorbing moisture from the air.

• Pest repellent

The use of ashes works as a natural repellent to scare away pests such as mice and cockroaches from the home.

In addition to being effective, it is an excellent alternative as it is a natural product, without the need to resort to dangerous chemicals that can threaten pets.

• Ash useto improve the quality of orchards and ponds

Adding a small amount of ash to crops significantly improves soil quality. In the case of vegetables, it accelerates growth. Being composed of potassium and minerals is useful when used as fertilizer for gardens.

We can also place it in ponds to control algae and scare away slugs and snails.

On the other hand, adding them to compost enriches it by its high content of magnesium and phosphorus.

However, in soils you must be especially careful not to place too much ash so as not to unbalance the pH which will result in weak plants vulnerable to diseases.

•Ash helps to melt ice in snowfall

In addition, using the ashes from the fireplace is a good alternative to remove ice in the driveway to the houses.

Salt is usually used, however, the ashes do not affect the soil, animals or plants and are more respectful of the environment.

Be careful to clean the residues very well afterwards.

•Impiar pipes

One of the most common annoyances of homes is clogged pipes.

To fix this, pour a cup of ash into some water down the pipe, wait about two hours, and then turn on the faucet to observe that all the jams are removed.

As you may have seen, reusing the ashes left over from the fireplace for various uses at home has innumerable benefits, more so in the case of natural and free product.

Just remember, before using it that it is essential that we make sure that the ash has completely cooled before making use of it.

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By Catharine Bwana